Local children will gather by the hundreds for Kindercaminata

Kendra Rule

Fullerton College will be hosting the annual KinderCaminata Day in the Quad on Friday, April 28 from 9 a.m. to noon.

The event is funded primarily by the Student Equity Fund and personal donations made by faculty members and volunteers in supplies for the day’s activities.

KinderCaminata was founded in 1993 with the purpose of enhancing an opportunity for the children in the community.

This interactive field trip for many local kindergarteners offers information on higher education, while be open for kids, their teachers and parents.

The Native American Experience Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

“I love working with the kids. They are our future and we need to invest in them,” Gerald Padilla explained, ethnic studies professor and longtime faculty volunteer for the campus event. “At this age, they are impressionable and that makes each year a new opportunity to help them.”

For the last 21 years, Fullerton College has celebrated KinderCaminata, teaching the community’s youngest generation that a good education is important, especially college.

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Various clubs, organizations and departments on campus will be hosting multiple activity booths in the Quad, as well as stations around campus in different classrooms.

For more information about the event visit their website or contact Karen Vernon at [email protected] or at 714-992-7179.