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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

The Hornet

Travel back to the 1920’s at the Muckenthaler

The Muckenthaler held its 5th annual Speakeasy night on Thursday, April 20 to honor the history of jazz and its culture.

Each room of the mansion was dedicated to a different aspect of life from the 1920’s.

The most popular was the stage room, where the audience could sit and enjoy the live band.

The Golden Scarab Club
Picture for the speakeasy night at the Muckenthaler Photo credit: The Muckenthaler

The band played early Jazz, Tin Pan Alley & Vaudeville tunes of the 1920’s and 30’s by Janet Klein.

“This is really fun. I perform at events like this and it’s always interesting to see the costumes people wear and getting to sing music from the different eras is always fun,” said Gracie Cruz, a jazz singer.

People were decked out to the nines in Gatsby-like attire; covered in pearls, diamonds and even some feather boas.

The attendees were very passionate about event, some danced in the stage room the entire night, enjoying the jazz groove.

Guests were able to travel between the rooms freely. Another most frequented room was the bar.

Mixologists from Fullerton’s very own Downtown Speakeasy Tribune were in charge of libations for the night.

There were three cocktails available along with beer, wine and champagne.

Even the drinks stuck true to the nature of the decade with nods to the original recipes. Guests could enjoy a bee’s knees, a scofflaw cocktail or a sidecar scandal.

Many of the drinks were served in mugs, like people had to do when prohibition was in full effect.

“It was amazing to watch them make my cocktail, the bartenders even dressed up and acted the part of the 1920s which really made it that much more fun for us, and then when they poured my drink into the coffee mug. That just really put the whole theme over the top,” said Maddie Johnson, a speakeasy enthusiast.

Along with the music and the bar, there was a “doctor” handing out personally written prescriptions for alcohol; the ‘alements’ ranged from headaches to trouble falling asleep.

Doctor's orders
Doctors alochol prescription at the speakeasy at the Muckenthaler on Thursday, April 20. Photo credit: Samantha Storrey

While walking through the mansion, one thing that stood out were men walking around with (fake) tommy guns. They were part of the “gang” that ran the speakeasy.

During the night, there was a police raid in which the gang members had to smooth talk their way out of it and offered the nice officers a cup of “coffee”.

“It’s really fun to help out with events like this, I get to act in character and talk to people from all over the area that come to be a part of this ambiance and experience,” said Sarah Anderson, a volunteer for the Muckenthaler.

The speakeasy was a nod to the history of America, and how even during the Great Depression they were able to lift their spirits, with some spirits – or as the gang would say: “coffee”.

“This was so much fun and we will definitely be returning next year,” Johnson said.

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