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Andrew Washington becomes new FC Student Trustee after election committee decision

Andrew Washington was announced the new FC Student Trustee at a Student Senate meeting on Tuesday, April 25 after a reconsideration by the Associated Students election committee.

The committee’s decision was publicly announced by A.S. President Nikolaus Diehr, who also serves as the election committee chair.

Diehr sent out a statement outlining the committee’s decision “to collect any old or new information regarding violations in the recent A.S. elections.”

President Diehr's Statement
President Diehr's statement regarding the election committee's decision. Photo credit: Nikolaus Diehr

Before the reconsideration, Michael To was initially elected by the student body as FC Student Trustee having 125 votes as opposed to Washington receiving 73 votes.

Diehr stated that after the reconsideration meeting, the committee found violations in the election process. The violations in question found were not to be shared with the public.

The final result from this review ended with the current iteration of next semester’s Associated Students body, with Washington now as the FC Student Trustee.

After the results, Diehr stated there will be no appeal in regards to the election as he firmly claimed that the results have been finalized.

Michael To
Michael To, initially elected by the student body, will not be the FC Student Trustee based on the reconsideration by the election committee. Photo credit: A.S.

After the results were announced, To questioned why the students who have allegations pertaining to a violation were not allowed to defend themselves.

Diehr answered that there was a window in which any person involved in the matter was personally asked to submit any documents or proof to disprove any allegations. The committee would no longer continue the review process after the window closed.

The official results of the Spring 2017 A.S. Elections are as follows:

  • President of Senate – Taylor Gaetje
  • Vice President of Senate – Catherine Young
  • Vice President of Finance – Camille Serrano
  • Vice President of Activities – Melissa Casteneda
  • Inter-Club Council President – Naomi Imbre
  • Student Trustee – Andrew Washington
  • Student Senator – Patrice Sisante, Aldwin Galang, Clarissa Escobedo, Haolin Li

The A.S. Spring Elections were held from March 27 to 31.

For more information about the FC student government, visit the Associated Students website.