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Inside Scoop on Hornet Athletics

One of the biggest questions is what’s next for Fullerton college’s athletic department? Fans of Hornet Athletics want to know if the athletic department going to bring more sports to Fullerton College, and the answer is yes.

Sophomore opposite position Manny Andrade spiking the ball for the Hornet’s first men’s volleyball team. Photo credit: Bailey Long

The school has introduced men’s volleyball along with women’s beach volleyball as this is their first year joining the hornet family.

This is where Title IX comes to play because for every new men’s sport added there has to be a women’s sports added as well to balance men’s and women’s sports.

For men’s volleyball, the Hornets qualified for playoffs inn their inaugural season with a record of (overall 12-9).

Women’s beach volleyball’s first year did not result in playoffs but remains still testing the waters as the team progresses through their very first season.

With the two new sports that joined the Hornet family, what sports are next to come in the future?

Fullerton College Athletic Director Scott Giles said, “I would love to see wrestling, men’s golf, and women’s lacrosse at the school in the future.”

Before starting a new sport, teams need to fundraise to acquire coaches, equipment, uniforms, etc, and some sports come cheap and others require a lot to be started.

Cal State Fullerton’s wrestling team was discontinued due to low funding and now to start the sport back up the program would need to raise $200,000.

Many people don’t see that community colleges look at the local high schools to observe what new sports are brought up and how they are functioning. When athletic departments at community colleges see that it is a popular growing sport, they then decide if the popularity would remain high for college students.

They also look at the potential of what kind of coaching staff they would be looking for to build around. Finding coaching is a difficult part in creating a new sport. The Fullerton College athletic department will get a multiple applicants for the head coach positions, however none for assistant coach positions since they are strictly volunteers and unpaid.

Freshman forward Kendall Lauderdale representing Hornet basketball shooting a free throw against Chaffey College. Photo credit: Noah Jimerson

When the coaches are found then the next challenge starts. Finding and recruiting players for the new sport can be challenging because the staff will look for key athletes to build their team around. Coaches will be searching for a championship team to kick the sport off, so beginning players won’t make the cut.

We should keep an eye on the horizon for Fullerton College Athletics. With the new sports that have been added we don’t know what the athletic department has in store for the Hornets in the future.