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The Hornet

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The Hornet

The Hornets are Rustled in final home game of the season

The Hornets looked to win in their final home game of the season but missed the mark against the Golden West Rustlers, 3-7 on April 27.

Overall the Hornets are (5-15) in conference play whereas, the Rustlers are (9-11) in conference play.

The Hornets, who were coming off of a three-game winning streak, were looking to take an early lead but fell short when five runs were made in the top of the third.

Pitcher, Sean Henry throwing a pitch to the Golden West Rustlers on Thursday. Photo credit: Stephanie Lozano

Rustlers sophomore infielder Chris Rodriguez, ignited Golden West’s scoring when Rodriguez hit a triple fly ball to center. Sophomore infielder Nick Tingrides then came up to bat and hit a single up the middle that led Rodriguez home, making the score 0-1 in favor of the away team.

“Our pitcher struggled and couldn’t get his breaking stuff over and the only thing he got was his fast ball,” said Coach Nick Fuscardo about what could have gone differently for the game’s pitching.

As frustration grew for the Hornets defense, freshman infielder Zakk Morgan hit a left field hit all the way to the fence ivy of Hornet field that led two runners home and furthered their lead 0-3.

Still in the top of the third, the Hornet’s defense struggled to hold the Rustler’s offense back when freshman catcher Aidan Cacciatore hit to right field that led two more runners home on an error by the Hornets making the score 0-5 in favor of the Rustlers.

With no runs on the board for the home team, the Hornets looked to keep the Rustlers at bay defensively in the top of the fourth but fell short when sophomore outfielder Junior Aguilar hit a single 2 RBI to center that led two more runners home for the Rustlers, 0-7.

Sophomore infielder, Daniel Tuerffs running to first on a single. Photo credit: Stephanie Lozano

Looking to come back, sophomore infielder Todd Yost hit a fly ball out to center field, sacrificed and hit an RBI that led freshman infielder Jake Anderson home and put the Hornets on the board, 1-7.

After a good defensive effort by the Hornets, the team looked to put runners on the board going into the bottom of the eighth inning. Anderson then hit a single and quickly advanced to second on a fielding error by center field, which led sophomore outfielder John Zanze home making the score 2-7.

Holding the Rustlers back defensively, sophomore outfielder Joey Parente hit a RBI single to right field that advanced Carter to second and led Lizarraga home, ending the final home game with a score of 3-7.

“We need to throw a breaking ball for strikes, hit well and have good defense,”said Fuscardo about the game plan for the final game of the season.

Cheer on the Hornets in their final game of the season and the series at Golden West against Golden West on April 28 at 2 p.m.