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Students and faculty recognized at 2017 UMOJA Awards

2017 UMOJA Awardees
UMOJA students (Listed from left to right) Brian Fort, Trevor Palmer, Josh Quinonez, Estee Howsar and Mitch Vines all received awards for their excellence in the program. Photo credit: Jennifer Pinckard

Several students and faculty received multiple honors at the 2017 UMOJA Award for their commitment to African-American success and overall service to the Fullerton College community on Thursday, May 4.

The ceremony was hosted by program manager Antonio Banks accompanied by outreach coordinators Jasmine McLeod and Micaiah Satterwhite.

The awards was introduced with a performance by FC student Asia Washington, followed by inspirational speaker Edward Clarke.

Clarke shared his experiences from his past and how he overcame challenging obstacles that life threw at him.

“I was able to get my mind refocused,” Clarke explained, “We all have this inner power, this inner ability that when struggles comes, we can overcome anything.”

“You have a mind that can get you absolutely anywhere or absolutely nowhere,” continued Clarke.

Vince White, Cadena Center coordinator, and Gilbert Contreras, Vice President of Student Services, both received awards for their service in aiding FC students.

Along with the staff members, five UMOJA transfer students were recognized: Brian Fort, Estee Howsar, Trevor Palmer, Josh Quinonez and Mitch Vines.

Each student was given an award that night for keeping a motivational mind set, facing their own struggles and getting through their own personal obstacles whether at home or on campus.

The students thanked UMOJA for being there for them and having that support they can count on.

In his closing remarks, Ernest Bridges reminded the UMOJA awardees that they are “carrying the torch.”

Bridges emphasized that the students have the opportunity to “empower not only themselves but others as they leave a positive foot print for someone else to follow.”

For more information about the UMOJA program at Fullerton College, visit their website.