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Honors psychology students present their research at on-campus conference

Honors psychology students covered the walls with their research posters to present to FC students, faculty members, and community members at the 2017 Honors Psychology Research Methods Poster Conference Monday, May 15.

A total of 15 honors students displayed a poster outlining a specific topic of research with visuals and analyses.

Students created their own surveys, online or in person, that accurately tested their hypotheses and relation to other studies already conducted.

“I wish more and more folks in our city and community got to see the incredible things you’re doing here,” said President Greg Schulz, as he spoke to the psychology students that presented, “I believe we have several future doctors here.”

Presenters present their research using their research posters as a guide. Greg Schulz (middle) listens to Briana Southern's research on college students and the media. Photo credit: Aaron Untiveros

“It was just fifteen weeks ago when we started. We didn’t know what our research topics would be,” FC psychology professor Brian Lopez explained, “I’m really proud of them.”

At the end of the conference, the presenters expressed their gratitude to Brian Lopez for the hard work he has put into making each student successful for the event.

“This is a topic that I was fond of so it was interesting reading the research for me,” said Kimberly Marin, psychology student. Marin’s topic concerned the link between the use of singular pronoun words and emotion.

Attendees read the research posters as presenters give background information and conclusions. Photo credit: Aaron Untiveros

Presenting their research to the public at a community college gave the students more experience and helped them prepare to present academic research at the four-year university level.

Jodi Balma, director of the honors program at Fullerton College, encouraged the researchers to submit an application to the upcoming HTCC conference for December for another chance to present at UC Irvine.