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Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer get “Snatched”

When I imagine the perfect vacation, Ecuador nor my mother are first to come to mind.

“Snatched” hit theaters on Friday, May 12, and makes for a comedic and heart-warming watch, featuring comedy queen Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer.

The flick is a perfect movie for the mother-daughter duo to see in lieu of Mother’s Day. Although, this one isn’t very kid-friendly due to its crude language and adult humor.

A star-studded cast led by Hawn was reason enough for most mothers to flock into the theater. Reminiscing on the laugh-in days where fast moving comedy entertained the baby boomer generation.

Hawn is known for her beauty and comedic talent, starting off as a go-go dancer who rose to fame as an actress in classics like “Overboard” and “Catcus Flower”, and recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her achievements.

Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and Christopher Meloni in "Snatched". Photo credit:

Alongside, Schumer the two make a wonderful mother-daughter duo that truly captures the essence of the modern relationship.

Schumer’s character Emily Middleton is dumped by her boyfriend prior to going on a trip planned for two to South America.

She desperately asks her mother, Linda (Hawn) to accompany her, but her homebody mother is weary of the dangers that lurk in this exotic land, while her carefree daughter gets them into messy situations.

Once kidnapped, they must work together to escape to safety and along the way they reconnect and remember that they love each other and ought to appreciate each other far more than they have been.

“Snatched” features more fun-loving actors like SVU alumi Christopher Meloni, who the ladies meet along the way. We also see Ike Barinholtz as the brother who is scared to go outside, but faces his fears in order to help save his family.

Overall, “Snatched” is a fun-loving movie great for an outing this Mother’s Day or just to indulge in some old-fashioned mother-daughter time. It’s a funny and entertaining movie – perfect for both old-timers and more modern movie-goers.