Student success honored at FC Foundation scholarship awards ceremony

Rebecca Radtke

Student scholarship recipients and their families gathered at the 58th annual Fullerton College Foundation scholarship banquet Friday May 19 to award students for their academic achievement to further their education.

Founded in 1959, the FC Foundation has 275 endowments and grants from private donors and major corporations such as Boeing and Walmart.

“As part of the aquatics program, I was nominated to receive this award based off of leadership ability and teamwork skills,” sophomore Gabriela Perez said, “The scholarship will allow me to broaden my education by relieving some of the financial stress.”

FC Foundation President Nicole Bernard spoke of the importance to give students the ability to focus on their studies best laptops for gaming
above all else, as opposed to the financial burden of paying for college out of pocket.

FC President Greg Schulz also emphasized how this year is the largest graduation application total in Fullerton College history with 2,782 students.

Scholarship recipients are chosen in a rigorous process that includes faculty, staff and foundation members who read through applications and a questionnaire that encompasses a student’s overall achievements.

In maintaining the foundation’s focus on the future, former recipients spoke as well as board members that aid in the selection of scholarship winners to portray the message that students have the opportunity to be successful without the added stress of financing their own educations.

“I hope that they are able to continue working hard,” Bernard explained referring scholarship recipients, “The goals that they have set for themselves are so high, so I hope that the money that they get from the scholarship awards enables them to focus on their studies and enables them to be successful students.”

To learn more about scholarship opportunities provided by the Fullerton College Foundation, visit their website.