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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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On being the student voice of Fullerton College

Established in 1922, The Fullerton Hornet is the longest running community college paper in California. Over the years the publication has gone through many changes, from new advisers to a new Editor-in-Chief every semester or so, and its most recent and monumental change: permanently retiring the print edition and converting to a solely online, 24-hour news service.

Despite all these changes, the one unfaltering attribute of our student run and produced publication is our dedication to you, the students and community members of Fullerton College.

We, day in and day out, pride ourselves on producing the best quality work, all the while catering to the needs of our readership.

From standing attention at protests to sitting through riveting city council meetings, the students that work to provide your content do so with your interests in mind.

Completely run by FC students, from staff writers to the editors, we work on stories between classes, on lunch breaks and into the wee hours of the morning to bring you content.

Some of our proudest works from the publication have been on topics regarding Fullerton College and its surrounding community, whether it be a positive or negative subject matter.

However, although we have been proudly serving the community for over 90 years, there’s always room for improvement. So, we here at The Hornet want to hear from you.

What do you, our community we work so hard to serve, want?

Do you want more sports stories? More downtown Fullerton features? More edgy, hard-hitting pieces? Is there anything that you want less of?

How is our app working? Do you even have the app? Did you know we have an app? Look for “The Hornet” in The Apps Store or Google play.

Communication is defined as the exchange of information or news. We put our word out, but how’s it sounding to you? We cannot continue to be successful without your help.

We have been and will continue to be the voice for our student body and for our community, but we do not want to preach falsehoods in your name.

These past few months have been troubling and upsetting times for many. Emotions and tensions have been running high amongst dissenting groups, but we here at The Hornet do not objectify nor promote any sort of ideology, particular opinion nor political slant. We are here to represent the community and student body as a collective, not promote just one side of the story.

Fullerton College as well as its home community is that of a diverse peoples, and The Hornet believes that each and every person has their right to be heard and represented. However, we refuse to promote any hate speech or symbols, including the publication of racist, homophobic or sexist statements.

That being said, we are open and willing to all topics, events and peoples that may pertain to or are centered in the community of Fullerton. We are dedicated to sharing all sides of each and every issue, maintaining a neutral, but factual and informative stance.

The staff and its editors are looking forward to a busy and productive this Fall Semester, and we are looking forward to your feedback soon.

To give us this feedback, feel free to comment on this article, visit our FaceBook page or email us at (whatever my email is going to be).