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How can you help Houston after Hurricane Harvey?

The great state of Texas has been ravaged by a Category 4 hurricane named Harvey. Thousands of Texans have been left homeless, all of their worldly possessions destroyed, and plans for reconstruction and recovery are in a hazy state.

Mattress stores, mosques and businesses have opened their doors to victims of this savage storm, but more help is desperately needed.

International organizations such as Red Cross have been there since Harvey began, but once the storm has cleared, independent, not-for-profit organizations will continue to support the people of Texas.

Great Nonprofits is a website anyone can visit to find, locate and donate to charitable organizations around the world.

Houston Food Bank
With thousands without access to food or water, organizations like this will be crucial for the rehabilitation of the city's people. Photo credit: Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank was founded in 2008 and has provided over 83,000,000 nutritious meals for the people of the greater Houston area. “Every dollar donated to the Houston Food Bank provides the equivalent of three meals for an individual,” according to their website.

Fullerton College has their very own food bank, the Chris Lamm and Toni DuBois Memorial Food Bank, which accepts both monetary and physical food donations.

Humans have not been the only victims of the devastation, but an estimated several thousand animals have been abandoned and left behind.

A no-kill shelter in Houston needs your help following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Photo credit: AARF

Adopt A Rescued Friend Inc. is a no kill, all breed organization that takes in all sorts of animals. Although they have been established for years, they will most likely have an influx of animals seeking shelter and a home after the hurricane. They accept check, PayPal or credit card donations.

On any given night, around 4,000 people in Orange County do not have a place to go home, according to Pathways of Hope’s report on “Understanding Homelessness in Fullerton.”

In Houston, thousands have been pushed out of their homes by rising flood waters and will more than likely not be able to return because of severe damage.

Originally founded to combat the already existent homeless problem in the city, their resources will be needed more than ever following the Category 4 storm. Photo credit: SEARCH

SEARCH Homeless Services was founded in 1989 and works to provide hope, opportunities and the help to transform lives. Harvey will increase the homeless population in Houston, so their resources are projected to be spread thin. Donations can be made online or through Great Nonprofits.

Fullerton has always been a very tight-knit, caring community that stands together in the face of challenges, adversity and troubling times. The people of Houston need this city’s caring spirit to be sent their way to help with healing and rehabilitation after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.