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The Hornet

Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

The Hornet

Hornet’s football kicks off the season with ninety-fifth “Key To The County” game

Fullerton College football team started off their season with triumph and dominated Santa Ana College 77-28 on September 2 at the Key to the County game.

The Nathan Shapell Memorial Stadium in Yorba Linda was accompanied by 1,200 in attendance showing support for both the Fullerton College Hornets and Santa Ana Dons at their first game of the season.

“When you get the first win of the season, it’s the most important game of the year. We get on the right track and have a good learning experience,” head coach Tim Byrnes said.

Holding it tight
#3 Joshua Jeffrey running with the ball Photo credit: Neddie Facio

With such a young team filling up the 2017 roster, they came out to show their drive and spirit on the field. Ultimately, the game fell in the Hornets favor taking a swift lead that lasted the entire game.

On September 1, the day before the game, Fullerton hosted a breakfast for administrators, coaches and players from both Fullerton and Santa college to celebrate the 95th year of the event and rivalry.

As temperatures spiked, the rivalry game kicked off. Fullerton College took the lead when sophomore quarterback Kane Wilson’s pass was caught by sophomore wide receiver Robert Johnson as he went 9 yards to the end zone marking their first touchdown.

The first quarter of the game was finished off by a completed 55-yard kick by sophomore kicker Antonio Estrada making the score 7-0.

As crowds took in the beaming sun, cheers were heard from all over Santa Ana’s section. As the Dons kept fighting they achieved their first touchdown and completed field goal that tied the game 7-7.

“Even in this heat, we just kept on pushing and we always kept in mind what we could do best and execute that to the best of our ability,” said sophomore defensive end and player of the game Montre Bonner.

#88 Kedryan Wilson falling without dropping the ball in today's game. Photo credit: Neddie Facio

The Hornets kept up the momentum and did not let the weather dismay them when Johnson then made an incredible play and went 21 yards to the end zone, upping their lead 14-7.

Ending the first quarter, Hornets sophomore running back Joshua Jeffery went for 36 yards to the end zone, completely changing the atmosphere of the game 20-7.

Throughout the second quarter, the Hornets held the upper hand and made 22 points.

Though the Dons attempted to tie up the game during the second, they came up short. The Dons rushed for 2 yards to the end zone and made a field goal that ended the quarter with a deficit of 42-14.

Coming back from halftime the energy never wavered from the crowd. Despite the sun beaming down on the turf both teams still had the drive to keep the show going.

Starting off the third quarter Hornets sophomore wide receiver Justin Manyweather went for 35 yards using his agile skills and advanced their score putting another 6 points on the score board and a 27 yard kick off 49-14.

The block
#9 Jordan Huffman blocking players from Santa Ana College to allow #3 Joshua Jeffrey to run through. Photo credit: Neddie Facio

Santa Ana Dons kept looking to put points on the scoreboard when they went 7 yards to the end zone and a 65-yard kick that slightly shortened their deficit 49-21.

As the third was coming to an end the Hornets added another 7 points as sophomore running back Gerald Hulett commanded the game and rushed to the end zone 56-21.

From start to end of the fourth quarter, team effort and fast legs put a tremendous 21 points on the scoreboard for the Hornets.

This will be yet another year the Hornets keep the key to the county after the 77-28 victory.

The team
Team photo after the win on Saturday's game. Photo credit: Neddie Facio

After the game sophomore wide receiver and MVP Robert Johnson finished off and said, “Everybody put their hearts into the game. I was shocked that we just came together so fast and put 77 points on the first game.”

Don’t miss next weeks game on September 9 as the Hornets go up against Cerritos Falcons at Nathan Shapell Stadium, kickoff is at 6 p.m.