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Trump makes his final decision on DACA

President Trump has made the final decision to hand over the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to Congress.

Members now have six months to decide the future of DACA recipients, according to Sessions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Sessions addressed the press this morning with the president's final verdict on the DACA program. Photo credit:

DACA was originally instated under President Obama in 2012. Individuals who were under the age of 30 who had been in the U.S. before the age of 16 were eligible for protections under the act. Protections included the right to a driver’s license, to work in the U.S. and deferment for deportation.

As part of his promise to be “tough on immigration,” Trump took on the program during his campaign. He has spoken on the issue many times, but today his final decision was made.

"Make Love Not Walls"
Also part of Trump's plan to tackle immigration includes the building of a border wall, something this protestor at the OC Fair Grounds does not agree with. Photo credit: Madalyn Amato

“Dreamers,” or people part of the program, can no longer apply for legal status. Those whose applications were being processed will be completed, and those who are reapplying for a visa may do so as long as their due date is before Oct. 5.

According to NPR, there are at least two different bills being considered in the House now that would continue the protections of those who were eligible under DACA.

If said bills cannot be decided on by the end of the six month period set by the president, all protections granted to Dreamers will be revoked, leaving an approximated 800,000 people eligible for deportation.

Of those 800,000, many are Fullerton College students.

Fullerton College Faculty Senate Resolution
On Feb.16, 2017, the student senate made the vow to back DACA students in accordance to CA law. Photo credit: Madalyn Amato

On Feb. 16, 2017, the student senate passed a resolution that guaranteed the school’s support of students whom are protected under DACA.

College Chancellors and presidents up and down the state of CA, as well across the country have come out in defense of DACA protected students.

President Greg Schulz said “…that Fullerton College has been and will continue to be a welcoming place for all who seek to learn here.”

He went on to add “I am extremely proud of the mission, vision and values statements we recently adopted as a college. Fullerton College will remain a welcoming, inclusive institution that offers our students exceptional opportunities to learn, grow and achieve their goals.”

More details will continue to develop as congress begins debates. Stay updated at