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FC Food Festival enlightens students with topics on hunger insecurity and nutrition

Donation tables were filling up and teas with boba were being sold during the FC Food Festival hosted by Phi Theta Kappa, also known as PTK, in a collaboration with the Health Department.

The FC Food Festival was created to bring awareness of hunger insecurity that permeates four year universities and community colleges alike, along with the importance of nutrition.

The event included activities throughout the FC quad such as art sessions, nutrition themed games and food samples.

“I’m so happy that so many students, faculty, and staff have been able to come out and participate” said Sasha Dotterman, president of PTK.

During this year’s event alone, over 60 non perishable food items were donated to the FC Food Bank.

The health department and Phi Thetta Kappa had sponsored a food drive that started on Sept. 5 leading up to the event. At the end of the FC Food Festival, a grand total of 256 donated items were displayed in the quad.

Across from the display of donated food items, students got to use markers to express their creativity and color prints of Andy Warhol’s well known Campbell’s Soup Cans. This activity was led by Todd Smith, a faculty member from the Art Department.

Art Activity
Students take a seat for an art session during the event featuring Andy Warhol's work titled Campbell's Soup Cans. Photo credit: Aaron Untiveros

To boost participation during the event, Smith and other faculty members from the art department got their classes involved. Smith hoped it would encourage more non art students to participate.

The event also featured a station on nutrition which had a steady amount of participation. The nutritionists informed students of the health benefits of cooking at home as well as the benefits it will have for students economically.

Maya Oueichek, a peer health educator, explains to Jacey Hugnh the importance of nutrition and budgeting in daily life during the Feed FC Food Festival. Photo credit: Aaron Untiveros

“They need to do this every week” said Nicole Hugnh, an accounting major at Fullerton College. “There’s a lot of people who don’t know about this. They need to know that $10 can get you so much more than just a meal at a fast food restaurant.”

One of the highlights in the event was the boba tea fundraiser. For every two ‘boba’ drinks that were sold, a student in need would be able to receive a meal.

PTK Fundraiser
PTK members sell tea with boba during Feed FC Food Festival to raise money for donations to the FC Food Bank on September 20. Photo credit: Aaron Untiveros

The success of the fundraiser allowed PTK to purchase 24 gift cards, $10 each, to be donated to the FC Food Bank to help students in need.

Kelly Salazar, health education coordinator, is delighted with the events mission to raise awareness and its’ success so far.

“I’ve had people who want to donate come up to me and I got to let them know when and how.” Salazar said.

This festival is part of the PTK honors in action project. The honors society strives to make an impact on their campus every semester through projects such as the Feed FC Food Festival.

This is their first step in their honors in action project at Fullerton College. The organization plans to continue making positive impacts to their campus and community on food insecurity. A smartphone app that can help more students in need is also being discussed.

To be a part of their project and future projects, find out more from their website.