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New Anaheim Union Educational Pledge offers a brighter future for high school students

Anaheim Union High School District collaborated with North Orange County Community College District, Cal State University Fullerton, and University of California, Irvine at the AUHSD performing arts center at Kennedy High School to commemorate the signing of the Anaheim Union Educational Pledge on Wednesday, Sep. 27.

After four long years of hard work and determination, plus the financial support of the Orange County United Way, the new pledge was signed and the ceremony had a huge turnout.

Anaheim Union Educational Signing Ceremony
People entering the AUHSD Performing Arts Center at Kennedy High School for the Anaheim Pledge Ceremony. Photo credit: Liza Rey

Institutional leaders from AUHSD, NOCCCD, CSUF, and UCI were in attendance, alongside the Mayor of Anaheim, Tom Tait. All parties were eager to begin a new chapter for upcoming students.

“Our kids, so often promises are broken for them, and this is not just another promise, we are pledging to you in writing that we are dedicated to your college career and life success.” said Stephanie Henry, the evaluations and assessment director of AUHSD.

The five C’s; creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and compassion are the fundamental aspects of the Anaheim Pledge and they ensure that current AUHSD students will receive the academic counseling and guidance they need, starting in junior high.

“This pledge is the first agreement of its kind,” said Michael Matsuda, AUHSD superintendent.

AUHSD, NOCCCD, CSUF, UCI institutional leaders and Mayor Tom Tait at the Anaheim Union Educational Pledge
From left to right, Cherryl Marshall, Anil Puri, Howard, Michael B. Matsuda, Howard Gillman, Mayor Tom Tait, and their institutional leaders standing behind them at the Anaheim Union Educational pledge signing. Photo credit: Liza Rey

Students who meet the requirements and join the Transfer Admission Guarantee, or TAG, program will have admission at University California Irvine when they finish their academic journey at Fullerton or Cypress College.

Mayor Tait and the city of Anaheim will assure summer internships, scholarships, mentoring and workshops for students who join Anaheim’s Innovative Mentoring Experience. AIME will also help students build connections and networking skills.

Cherryl Marshall, the Chancellor of the NOCCCD, said “We pledge to support all students as they travel through their educational journey and aim for their dreams.”

Cal State Fullerton is already impacted and competitive for students transferring from community colleges, and for the 30,000 students currently enrolled in the AUHSD, expectations for education will increase.

“I don’t think it will impact Fullerton College in the sense of enrollment,” said Lisa McPheron, the Director of Campus Communications.

“Anaheim High School, for instance, is our top feeder high school already so quite a few Fullerton College students came from the Anaheim schools.”

The pledge commits to supporting future college students and does not pertain to those currently enrolled in community college.

More information about the Anaheim Union Educational Pledge and the Anaheim Union High School District is available here.