Military recruiters belong on college campuses

Jared Williams

Military recruiters can be found on almost every college campus throughout the nation. Having military recruiters on campus is a great opportunity for students to enlist in the armed services, to gain useful skills that will last a lifetime, travel the world and receive great benefits.

Most importantly, enlisting will turn children into adults.

Without military recruiters on campus, some students might miss out on a great opportunity. Surprisingly, there are some people who are against military recruiters being on campus.

Those people are most likely sissies and need to come face to face with a drill instructor to tell them why military recruiters should be allowed on campus. If any student complains about recruiters “interrupting” their education it is complete crap.

All recruiters do is set up a tent and a table and have conversations with students without disturbing their education at all.

Staff Sgt. Aaron Brown, a recruiter of the United States Marine Corps, explains not every student will have the opportunity to talk to recruiter because they are too timid to go to a recruiting center themselves or do not know how to go about enlisting.

Marine female
Marine information booth. Photo credit: Getty Images

Ssgt. Brown also points out that military recruiters on campus enables them to offer students who are struggling financially with the opportunity to enlist and have college paid for after serving.

Of course the military needs meet certain number of enlistees to maintain the amount servicemen in the armed services. For example, the United Stated Marine Corps needs to keepits strength at 180,000 marines every year to operate and it is the job of recruiters to maintain that number.

That is why sometimes recruiters can seem a little pushy. Can you blame them? They are trying to recruit people who are going to fight for our freedom.

Although it is the job of recruiters to recruit people to enlist, ultimately, they are here for the students. They do not come on campus just to bug people.

If recruiters are that much of a bother towards those students, all those students have to do is walk around them. It is that easy. It literally takes more effort to complain and cry about having recruiters on campus than to just walk around them.

Nothing is accomplished by whining.

Brown mentioned that the only time recruiters will ever enter a classroom is if they are asked by a professor to provide information for any student that is interested in enlisting. If military recruiters enter a classroom and give out information about their branch of service it’s the same thing as if a student or professor comes into a classroom and gives information about a certain club the school has to offer.

When a student does decide to enlist because of a recruiter they met on campus, the recruiter is essentially helping change that students life.

Former Combat Engineer of the U.S. Army, Anthony Antohe, says “We have a volunteer system so that requires recruitment.” On campus recruiters supply career options for students as well. “Without enough volunteers, drafts could potentially be enforced…” said Anthony Antohe, aformer army combat engineer.

If a draft occurs and you are selected, you have no choice but to go, even if you are cry baby who opposes military recruitment on campus, you still have to go.

Recruiters also do not carry any weapons on them, so any student trying instigate a problem cannot use that as an excuse to get rid of recruitment on campus.

Military recruiters also have the right to be on campus because the Solomon Amendment. The Catholic University of America’s website says that the, “Solomon Amendment allows federal funding for an educational institution to be cut if that institution has a policy or practice that prohibits military recruiting on campus, or prohibits access to student directory information for the same purpose, or maintains an anti-ROTC policy.”

Overall, anyone who argues that military recruiters should not be on campus probably like seeking attention and love causing an unnecessary amount of drama.