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The Hornet

Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

The Hornet

Hornets dominate on the field

The wheels on the bus go round and round, all the way to Yorba Linda High School. The bus rocks from side to side as it makes the nine-mile trip up to the school. It was a silent day and the only thing you could hear was the wind blowing, and cars driving by.

This day was just like any other day. The sun was out, the field was green and the stands were empty. Although it was just the team that had arrived, the gridiron felt like home. After a long week of practice and game film, it was time for the team to put the game plan into action.

Hearts started to pound, cleats started to stop, helmets went on and the game was about to begin. As a team, they all knew what was at stake. They needed a win. They played each game like it was their first.

Hornets Lined Up
Hornets Offense and Defense Lining up For The 4-on-4 Drills Photo credit: Tameka Poland

The parking lot was starting to fill up and the fans were making their way out into the stands. The Hornets are coming off one of their best seasons at 12-1 and ranked number one as State Champs. Currently, they sit in the number two spot at 5-0 and have every intention of returning to number one.

“I think the kids have finally taken it upon themselves to say hey you know what and they believe number one that they are a pretty good football team so I think that’s helped,” said Coach Tim Byrnes. “I think that our coaches have done a great job working with them and coaching them and emphasizing the importance of being on top and how your gonna get everyone’s best shot. And how you need to work harder and put in the effort and I think the kids are responding to that.”

Hornets Practicing
Hornets Linemen Practicing Photo credit: Tameka Poland

With only five games left on the Hornets season, these are crunch time games for them. It is either win or go home. The conference finals are no joke and teams are not getting any easier for the Hornets.

“We are only halfway through the season, so there’s still a long way to go. We just have some big important games coming up because we start conference this week or next week and if we don’t win our conference we are not guaranteed into the playoffs and that’s where we want to be at the end of the year. Our goal at the beginning of the year is getting into the playoffs and we have to win our conference to do that,” stated Byrnes.

“This team is different than any other team I’ve been on,” says Sophomore wide receiver Keandre Powell. “They have experience, they have a culture of winning. We have a lot of depth at every position and everybody is talented, backups and all.”

Freshman DB Ibrahim Konate
Hornets Freshman DB Ibrahim Konate Catches The Ball And Runs it Back During Practice Photo credit: Tameka Poland

The Hornets have shown that through great coaching and dedication to the sport, anything is possible. Just like Coach Byrnes says, “My personal philosophy in life is if you work hard, and do what’s right, good things will happen. I take that over to our football program. I believe this, that the kids have to have fun out there when they’re doing this.”