FC to host seventh annual LGBTQ+ Student Forum

Kimberly Solis

The seventh annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Student Forum and Social will be held Thursday, Oct. 12, from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Student Center, Room 214.

Created in honor of LGBT history month and National Coming Out Day, the Cadena Cultural Center is collaborating with the Fullerton College Queer People of Color Club for the event.

It was reported that faculty who identify as LGBTQ will participate and join in table discussions.

“Coming out experiences” will be the central question in honor of National Coming Out Day, which is a day before the forum, October 11.

According to the coordinator of Cadena Cultural Center Vincent White, the number one issue that has came up out of all the previous LGBTQ forums is safety on campus.

In respect to the issue, White says they are making sure FC’s LGBTQ students feel welcomed and safe on campus as well as valued.

“Students still feel an essence of apprehension on the campus. Not everyone, but there’s always that concern of coming out. Coming out is a very personal process,” said White.

The Cadena Cultural Center’s goal for holding this forum is to assure LGBTQ students that they are in a safe place.

One of the many outcomes that the center, along with the event planners, are hoping for this forum is for LGBTQ students to feel connected to the campus, and to let them know that FC is a place where they can learn. As well as making sure they have an enjoyable experience on campus.

“It’s important to maintain the essence that this is a safe place for our students,” said White. “This is the place they can learn, they can grow and they can be themselves without fear.”