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Bicycle theft trending on campus

Four bicycles were stolen in the month of September alone, according to Fullerton College Crime Log.

Bike Warning Sign
Warning signs are posted around campus advertising proper bike safety. Photo credit: Matthew Herbertz

Cheap cable and chain locks are a bicycle thief’s primary target. “All of the bikes that have so far been stolen have been bikes that have been locked with a cable or chain lock,” said Jim McKamy, Campus Safety Coordinator.

“Bike thieves steal bikes by using small bolt cutters that they keep in their backpacks. You can buy them in any hardware store,” said Mckamy

Combination Cable Bike Lock
A Combination Cable Bike Lock on a Schwinn bicycle. Photo credit: Matthew Herbertz

Bike locks such as combination cable locks are especially susceptible. A thief may not even need bolt cutters, many locks such as these can be cracked in minutes by a thief.

Bike Lock and Cable
An extra secure bicycle has a u-lock to keep the frame safe and a cable for the tires. Photo credit: Matthew Herbertz

Thieves have also been known to steal tires and frames if not properly secured. Locking the frame to the bike rack as well as protecting the wheels with a cable can help prevent tire and frame thief.

“Campus Safety has taken steps to prevent bicycle thefts by posting signs on the bike racks encouraging students to buy the horseshoe shaped Kryptonite Bicycle Locks,” said McKamy.

The Kryptonite Bicycle Locks are now available for sale in the FC Bookstore.