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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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The Freshman Honors Cohort program opens doors for new students

The Freshman Honors Cohort program is based off of two metrics; campus involvement and getting students ready to transfer. The group consists of 20 students that meet once a week and take honors courses together.

By getting students involved with different clubs and interacting with other students, they have the opportunity to discover their passions and strengths.

honor program transfer students
A plaque of previous honor program students and their successful transfer stories located on campus. Photo credit: Facebook

“The first year cohort, [which are] brand new freshman sort of revived the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society,” stated Jodie Balma, the program director.

“It’s been a tradition that students become a part of Alpha Gamma Sigma or Phi Theta Kappa.”

Alpha Gamma Sigma
AGS was established in 1926 and stands for arete, gnosis, and sophyrosyne meaning excellence, knowledge and wisdom to distinguish what the honor society is about. Photo credit: google images

Many students in the program are also involved in Associated Students.

The program also aims to help students getting ready to transfer by making sure that they will have finished 15 units honor classes by their first year. During their second year, although not required, most students continue taking honors classes together, bringing a sense of community.

The program even gives those a second major when applying to UCLA and the title of honors when going to transfer to UCI.

honors program
The logo used for Fullerton College's honors program that was established 3 years ago. Photo credit: facebook

In order to join, students must apply before fall semester and have at least a 3.5 high school GPA. Any student who misses the fall deadline cannot join in the spring.

Ambassadors of the program attend college fairs to talk to students who are interested. Most cohort members make the effort to encourage high school students to join.

For more information, visit the Fullerton College website.