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Happy Death Day: A plot twist worthy of Friday the 13th

“Happy Death Day” is a mixture of horror, suspense and comedy with a tad of romance. It was released nationwide on an infamous date known for bringing bad luck: Friday, Oct. 13.

Happy Death Day
Happy Death Day comes out Oct. Friday 13 Photo credit:

The story focuses on Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, played by Jessica Rothe, a sorority college girl with an unpleasant personality.

Her day begins with waking up hungover and regretful on her birthday as she makes her way out of Carter’s bed, her assumed one night stand. After that event, her day does not go smoothly. Staggering through the quad to her sorority house and stumbling by Danielle, the hilarious and ill mannered sorority president, viewers get a taste of Tree’s personality.

After throwing away the birthday cupcake that Lori, her sweet roommate played by Ruby Modine, baked, she meets up with her married professor for non-related school purposes. She finally makes her way to her surprise birthday party where she’s awfully murdered by a figure dressed in black and a creepy baby mask, which happens to be the school’s mascot.

The mask itself is silly looking but the fact that the person wearing it is always walking or running silently towards Tree with some kind of weapon gives it that creepy effect.

For a slasher movie there is very little blood but there is definitely a few scenes that will make you jump out of your seat.

It takes Tree a while to figure out that she is reliving the same day and accept that she is not having deja vu.

The movie gets a little old after Tree’s days are almost identical every time she resurrects from her previous murder. Confusingly waking up in Carter’s bed, making her way through the quad as a pass bier silently judges her, a girl asking her to sign her petition, sprinklers going off along with car alarms, getting called a “sneaky little bitch” by Danielle as she makes her way to her dorm, and getting surprised with a cupcake by her roommate whom she’s always extremely rude to.

After convincing her future lover, the wise and geeky Carter that she is stuck in a time loop, he helps her make a list of her potential killers which turns out to be extremely long due to her lack of respect for other people and her self-centered personality.

With that, she is then determined to find who her killer is so she can finally put an end to reliving the same dreadful day.

Black comedy kicks in as Tree goes about her long list of people who have a reason to kill her.

Each morning she tries something different to cut the same old routine. She tries things like cutting and dying her hair pink, going back to her dorm naked, and even being nice to people around her. Finally she comes to realize that she’s a horrible person in need of change.

The movie’s title does not do it justice. Although the movie is not an original or all that great, it is pretty enjoyable and the perfect October release for teens who are looking for new thriller movies.

Happy Death Day will have you laughing through most of the movie, crying because Tree’s mom who shares the same birthday is no longer with them, cringing at the phrase “fine vagine” and clinging onto someone’s arm when there’s pop outs.

Some viewers did not think highly of the movie as they were going into the theaters but in the end they said it was not what they were expecting and enjoyed the movie.

“At first I didn’t want to come see this movie but my boyfriend wanted to watch it for some reason,” said Melissa Terrazas, a La Puente resident.

“I thought it was going to be wack but the ending was so unexpected. The movie was pretty good. It was suspenseful and it had its funny scenes which I liked.”