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Is social-media-rage the new road rage?

One of my first thoughts when I log onto Twitter is, “I wonder what twitter beef is going down right now.” I’m not even going to lie and say that I don’t find twitter wars entertaining or amusing because I do.

Social media rage has been all over the internet for a while now, but lately seems to have taken over most social media outlets more than ever. People find plenty of things to get amped about over the internet; I’ve seen the obvious arguments on “what high school is better?” and I’ve also seen something as pathetic as, “should short girls wear maxi skirts or not?”

While reading these people rant on and on about how they disagree with each other, I sometimes wonder if these people actually enjoy or get a thrill out of arguing with one another; that is the real question here.

It honestly seems that some people live for this type of “fame.” It’s as though some of these rants are a cry for attention from those starting it. Some argue for actual reasons that affect multiple people such as politics and current events that are actually controversial subjects.

It’s okay to state your opinion or stand up for what you believe in but to start an argument over social media over who stole whose boyfriend is pretty pathetic.

It also seems that some people get offended over the smallest comments that trigger a fire in them. Maybe it is their way of dealing with stress or maybe it’s fun to them.

Many others use social media as what seems to be their public diary, ranting about life and personal situations that can then offend other people. Social media users have expressed that seeing other people vent or use social media to get negative attention, can be obnoxious and “attention seeking.”

Many like to do it just for kicks and giggles it seems. If you go on Instagram you will witness unnecessary comments being posted on pictures that are bound to cause a dispute.

Social media rage seems to depend on what type of person you and how you handle certain comments or situations. Many people take sarcasm the wrong way and will have no problem countering back their opinion of the subject matter. However, there is a fine line between what is considered acceptable in terms of sarcasm and jokes.

It does seem as though many do go online for the sole purpose of starting a twitter war or to comment negatively on a certain subject. The hype of the audience members is like throwing wood into the fire which fuels the battle of rage to continue. Many people feed off of the encouragement of their peers which triggers them to continuously start these disputes over social media.

Social media rage has seemed to become the new road rage. It is a way for people to take their anger out on others they sometimes don’t even know. It is an outburst of ranting that may be pointless and irrelevant, but yes it can be very entertaining.