Fullerton College set to celebrate the dead, living and those in between

Kimberly Solis

FC will celebrate its twenty-fourth annual Dia De Los Muertos event, Day of the Dead, Thursday, Oct. 26, from 6 to 10 p.m. in the quad.

The free festival is opened to the public and free parking will be provided in the student parking lots for those attending.

According to ethnic studies professor Amber Gonzalez, about 1,500 to1,800 people are being expected.

Free food will be provided such as chicken, beans and cheese, potato salad, chips and salsa, macaroni salad and pan dulce (sweet bread). It is first come first serve.

Cosmetology will have a free face painting booth for those who want to get in the spirit.

Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican tradition in which the dead are celebrated and remembered.

The dead are honored through ofrendas which means offerings in spanish. Ofreandas are tribute altars usually embellished with flowers and lights or candles and consist of photos of the person whom has passed away along with food and objects that the person liked.

“This is your opportunity on giving thanks to people who you feel have been held important or instrumental in our collective lives,” said coordinator of the event Gerald Padilla.

Different types of ofrendas will be displaced such as, ofrendas against violence, ofrendas against cancer, and one of Padilla’s students will have an ofrenda for all the people who were recently killed in Las Vegas.

Gonzalez added that she will have ofrendas on the Vietnam war, civil rights, powerful female figures, and music legends.

About 30 ofrendas will be displayed throuhgout the quad which students will put together.

“Most of the ofrendas are curriculum driven,” said Padilla. “They are coming from a class or a club.”

Classes such as ethnic studies, chicano studies and anti-bias will participate in the event. As well as the sociology club, veterans club, psychology club, early chilhood development club, STOMP club, DREAM Team, MEChA and QUPOC.

“It’s a campus wide event,” said Gonzalez. “Lots of folks from campus participate.”

The event will start off with Tracey Wallace singing USA’s National Anthem. Followed by an indigenous child performing the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish.

President Dr. Greg Schulz and VP Dr. Gilbert Contreras will then give a brief introduction.

“Aztec dancers will do the opening blessing,” said Gonzalez, “to set the intentions of the space, to welcome the ancestors and the departed loved ones into the space.”

A Folklorico dance group consisting of first to 12 grade kids will be performing, and later in the day two Dj’s with their face painted as skulls will take over.

Sandra Rocha, former FC student will be singing famous spanish songs like “Sabor a Mi”, Selena Quintanilla songs and much more.

After the entertainments are over an open dance will be provided later in the evening for the attendees.

“We’re celebrating life by the recognition of death,” said Padilla.