UMOJA set to present “Black Minds Matter”

Tameka Poland

UMOJA’s new weekly “Black Minds Matter” event will begin on Monday, Oct. 23, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in room 513.

The course is designed to raise national awareness about black men and children who are often penalized because of the color of their skin and have to take the high road when being tested by society.

The meetings, held at San Diego State University, will be live streamed here at Fullerton College. This meeting is open to the public; students and faculty are welcomed and encouraged to come.

Every session will cover a different topic from different speakers through Dec. 11.

“What [we] really want to do is get a congregation of a few black scholars who are prominent in the field to come in and talk about their perspectives on how they have dealt with raising the social consciousness of black men and also how they look at the school to prison pipeline,” said UMOJA Project Manager Antonio Banks.

“This will also give you insight how black children are put through the extensive process for the same act that their counterparts might be doing at a greater rate and how that trickles down and follows them along,” Banks added.

The Black Minds Matter series hopes to open the eyes of the students and faculty members who do not understand the movement or want to be more educated in fields that affect not just themselves, but the lives of others.