New A.S. Constitution Passes

Kimberly Solis

The Associated Students Constitution has now been revised since their previous one was too lengthy, among other issues.

“We revised it because constitutions are supposed to be short and to the point and ours was a bit long,” said Taylor Gaetje, A.S. President

Mainly what was cut from the Constitution was their judicial committee, which were already in their bylaws and operations and procedures manual, as well as parts that needed to be transitioned to those two documents.

Two important changes were made.

The first was the executive council’s meeting times. They can now meet while the college is on break.

“Under our old Constitution we would not have been allowed to meet,” said Gaetje.

Over the summer, it was hard for A.S. to plan events because of the short amount of days summer semester had. This will change winter break for the executive council because they do not have an intersession, so now they can all meet over winter break and plan more events for spring or at least get a head start on it.

The second change now allows all vice presidents to vote.

“Before, that position didn’t have to go to senate. It was optional, but the person in that position often did. So we decided to make it mandatory so they could vote in senate if they wanted to,” said Gaetje.

The changes made cannot contradict the Constitution, so the A.S. Judicial Committee is revising the bylaws to make sure they match with the A.S. Constitution along with the operations and procedures manual.

Gaetje said they have been planning to change the Constitution for a while but it did not pass during their election for spring. A.S. then decided to take action over the summer where they talked about ideas but it did not really start until this fall when Patrice Sisante, Judicial Committee Chair, started working on changes.