Fullerton College will host the Southern Regional Meeting on Civil Discourse and Equity

Aaron Untiveros

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) will hold their Civil Discourse and Equity Regional Meeting in Fullerton College on Saturday, Oct. 28. The meeting will run in room 224 from 10 a.m to 3 p.m and will discuss issues surrounding social justice, equity and curriculum, and equity and student perspective.

“As the country has become more deeply divided recently, it is essential that we foster an environment where civil discourse can take place,” said Sam Foster, At-Large Representative for ASCCC and chemistry professor at Fullerton College.

The meeting is primarily for faculty and administrators, but welcomes students and classified staff that are interested. There will be different topic sessions held in different rooms.

“The recent changes to DACA as well as equity issues involving curriculum, especially basic skills, demands discussion and solutions,” Foster said.

There will be a total of four sessions with an overarching theme of either social justice or equity in the community college level. The four sessions will be split into two breakout sessions that will be held simultaneously.

A northern regional meeting also on civil discourse and equity will be held on Oct. 27 at Solano College in Fairfield, California

The ideas discussed in both of these regional meetings will enrich the possible solutions and give the Academic Senate a more accurate representation of local senates in the state level.

The ASCCC is a nonprofit organization that represents the official voice of community colleges such as Fullerton College. The organization has been representing community colleges officially in statute and regulation since 1978 when the Board of Governors adopted Section 53206 of Title 5.

For the schedule and more information on ASCCC, visit their official website.