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Why do we pay so much for phones?

“My iPhone can do this.” “My Android can’t do that.” These are the conversations that happen when you are trying to decide what type of phone to get. I am a strong believer that your phone should not cost the price of your rent or your car note.

When trying to decide which carrier to get, think about these little fun facts. Which phone has the best features and benefits? Which phone will get me more bang for my buck and will have everything I need to operate? Does this phone have warranty and how much damage will it cover?

Phones can be very pricey, so think about what you need, more than what you want and you will make the right decision.

With Apple, you get the IOS operating system that allows for more updates and security on the phone, but at the same time, are you willing to pay a thousand dollars for that cell phone? That’s definitely a stretch.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 6 in white still in good condition after two years. Photo credit: Tameka Poland

The biggest feature of the iPhone is Siri, which comes with natural personality and you can ask anything of her. Users can ask Siri questions about anything they want and she will respond as if they are talking to a live person. Now would you pay a thousand dollars to talk to your phone, or would you rather go to google maps and get navigated there?

iPhones also come Apple Music, that allows you to access iTunes downloads, but remember, not all downloads are free. If you are listening to music and you want to add it to your phone library, you don’t have to wait and get it on SoundHound, you can just go right to the iTunes store and get it.

iPhones have the best camera when it comes to taking pictures. The iPhone’s camera improves with every model. If you are laughing or trying to fix your hair or even get food out your teeth, if you just press the photo after you take it, you will see a mini video of yourself.

Now remember, it’s not all bad for the Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy
Android Samsung Galaxy 7 in black brand new right out of the box. Photo credit: Tameka Poland

Google is a big part of Androids and although you do not have Siri, you still have the Google voice assistant. The voice assistant tool can type as you talk and works if your phone is offline.

Androids have a music-playing app in Google Play Music, which offers an extensive amount of free, ad-supported music. The also have a good battery life and fast charge should your phone require it. Androids have more options when it comes to apps and customizing your phones layout, icons, and lock screen images.

Either way you choose, you will enjoy your phone. Don’t forget that when you change your phone, you should check out all of the features, benefits and warranty that the phone carrier provides.

Just remember, you may have the latest phone now, but give it a few months and your Apple or Android phone will become old news!