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The Hornet

Conductor Shannon Roberts makes an appearance at Symphonic Winds concert

Guest conductor Shannon Roberts accompanied the Fullerton College Music Department at their Symphonic Winds Concert on Oct. 26 at the FC Campus Theatre.

Anthony Mazzaferro Conducting
Anthony Mazzaferro conducting "Give Us This Day" by David Maslanka performed by the Symphonic Winds on October 26, 2017. Photo credit: Ayrton Lauw

“These musicians were fantastic. What was gratifying to me as a teacher is when you bring them to a certain point musically and they rise a little further to the occasion,” said Anthony Mazzaferro, conductor of the Fullerton College Symphonic Winds. “Thats exactly what they brought tonight.”

The entire theatre was quick to be filled with sounds of horns, trumpets and percussions by a captivating piece “Lord of the Rings” by composer Johann DeMij.

It was a night of outpouring melodies and harmonies that resonated throughout the seats of the building. Like a roller coaster, the horn section in unison built up suspense and set the stage for percussion. Percussion then rose to the climax with a bang.

What seemed to be quite a dark piece, it held on to a very light, crisp sound. The gradual increase in volume within the piece created major suspense for the crowd. Suspense weas followed with moments of silence, then drums and the gong.

The night did not fall short of pieces that were intense and engaging for the ear. Following “Lord of the Rings” was “Give Us this Day” by David Maslanka.

With a subtle and light introduction, the song creeped in a much heavier tone; yet, when the ensemble gathered, it engulfed the theatre with their melodies. The tempo of the song had its moments of transitions from a walking like feel to a much faster pace. The piece itself never had a moment of drag, keeping the audience alive.

Anthony Mazzaferro Talking
Director Anthony Mazzaferro talks to the audience before the Symphonic Winds perform their next piece on October 26, 2017. Photo credit: Ayrton Lauw

Guest conductor Shannon Roberts, from Weber State University, made an appearance at Fullerton College to conduct two inspiring pieces: “Tidal Forces” by Michael Markowski and “Nmirod” by Edward Elagar.

Having two strong solid dark tone pieces that start the night, Roberts switched gears with “Tidal Forces” that had a more joyful and upbeat tempo. It was a much more brighter piece that had moments where it would slow down, but had a growing crescendos where cymbals crashed and gongs rang to the ear.

“This was a wonderful band to be able to work with. These students have been magnificent,” Roberts said.

Roberts led the ensemble with grace and confidence that left the audience in awe. The swift changes of notes and soft notes that bounced off of each wall were enticing.

At times, when conducting “Nimrod”, the sound of the music fell to a whisper, but transitioned to a faster pace as the volume increased simultaneous. It had the audience at the edge of their seats waiting for the climax.

As the night came to an end, Roberts had the honor of conducting the last arrangement of the night.

“It has been a pleasure to be here, this is a full circle for me. And to see one of my heroes directing the bands here for many years is wonderful.”