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Couples costumes: cute or annoying?

When couples dress up together on Halloween, people usually find it really cute or really annoying. Is it annoying that they do everything together, or is cute that they want everyone to know they are a couple on Halloween? I happen to think couple’s costumes are very cute.

Hugh Hefner and playboy bunny
Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo dress up as an unoriginal Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny for Halloween. Photo credit: rachel lindsay

I feel that many people get annoyed because they aren’t in a relationship themselves and don’t have that significant other to dress up with. If these people actually had someone to dress up with, then they would probably think dressing up together is a cute idea.

Couples Costumes are a way for the pair to express themselves and show off their character as a couple. I know that if I was in a relationship, I would get a thrill out of deciding what my boyfriend and I were going to be each year for Halloween and I would make sure to go all out. Many couples get crafty with their costume ideas and put a lot of thought into it.

Harley Quinn and the Joker
Danika and Landon Abbott get creative with trendy with their Harley Quinn and Joker inspired look for Halloween. Photo credit: Danika Abbott

Danika Abbott, a student at Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, said that she finds couples costumes to be very cute. However she thinks it can be annoying when couples do it for the sole purpose of wanting to impress other people or get attention, rather than just doing it for fun.

John Franco, an FC student, said the costumes are cute when its creative but if it’s , basic and cliché then it’s annoying, “I would totally do it if my girl and I were able to think of something creative enough,” said Franco. When couples put a lot of thought and originality into their costumes, then the idea of them dressing up together seems to get more positive attention rather than if they dressed as say Mickey and Minnie.

Hunter catches deer
Liz Carillo and James Bettencourt show off their creative deer and hunter couple costume at a Halloween event. Photo credit: Elizabeth Carillo

Overdone couples costumes do tend to get annoying sometimes. No one wants to see six Adam and Eves and five Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy couples walking down the streets on Halloween.

However, basic costumes in general whether in couple form or just dressing up alone can be annoying. Adding your own touch and being creative is what makes a whole costume.

In the end, whether couples dress up together or not, it shouldn’t really affect anyone else. No one likes to be told what to be for Halloween, so the couples who do decide to dress alike should be left alone.

Many couples look forward to showing each other off and dressing up in their cute costumes each year and that should not change just because a few people complain about it.