Miscellaneous 19: Where is that money going?

Liza Rey

The $19 when registered, goes towards health services that treat students and sustain them physically and mentally, located in Room 1204.

The Health Service Office is open from 9am – 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays they are open from 10am – 6:30pm.

Student Health Service Office.
The Student Health Services Office Room 1204 located next to the men's gym. Photo credit: Facebook

These services are available to all students on campus, but they pay the fee and barely use them.

“I believe the services are for extra outlets like health for free testing and labs,” stated Kim Rosales, a current student at Fullerton College. “I haven’t used them because it didn’t serve me for using them at the time, but I would if I would be more informed of what there is to offer.”

Student Health Services is a clinic that ranges from general services, to immunizations, tests, and screenings. Most of them are free while a few of them cost a small fee.

The general services that are accounted for are birth control medication, breast and pelvic exams, crisis intervention, diagnosis and treatment of short term illnesses, emergency and first aid, health education and counseling, hearing and vision screening.

All of these services have no cost, except birth control which is $5.

Minor issues that may need over the counter medicine can be obtained at the office with no cost as well.

Women may also receive tampons or pads if necessary. Condoms are also available for free.

Free condoms
Free Condoms issued by the Student Health Services for all students who pay the miscellaneous fee. Photo credit: Facebook

“We put the condoms in an envelope if you’re shy,” stated Maya Queichek.

Queichek is a nutrition and dietetics major, who interns at the Health Service Office. She is the president of the nutrition club and hopes to promote these services to students so that they are aware of what Health Services offers. You may see her at many campus events behind the Health Services Booth.

Every year, students are offered free flu shots in September. Other immunizations such as Hepatitis A and B and Tetanus vaccines are available with a charge.

Some laboratory tests include TB skin test, blood tests, STD and HIV tests, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, pap smears and more.

Medical screenings are also provided for students, with medical staff on duty. The staff includes: nurse practitioners, physicians, health educators, psychologists, and a registered nurse who is always in the office.

Not only does the office serve as a clinic for students, they also offer psychological services. A student is offered 6 free appointments with psychologists ;Olga Alvarez-Miller, Sara McIntosh, and Michael Izadi are three of the psychologists a student may set an appointment with. Appointments are made in person only and not all psychologists are in the office everyday.

Balancing school and other major priorities can be difficult. Psychologists are there to help students maintain mental health throughout their time at the college. Each appointment is confidential and this private information will not be given to anyone if asked for.

They also offer other services included with your fee, such as classes for those wanting to quit smoking, this specific class is offered on Nov. 21st at the Anaheim Regional Medical Center.

Health services also gives classroom presentations. If you want to learn more about a certain presentation, you can contact a health educator and sign up for a class when offered.

For further information about Student Health Services, you may visit their website.