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The Hornet

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The Hornet

Thor Ragna-Rocks!

Finally, Thor gets the movie he deserves. I was especially critical of the first Thor movie. For a movie about Norse war gods, it had remarkably little action, but soon Thor: The Dark World came.

Although it was better, something was missing.

Now, come Nov. 3 and the release of Ragnarok, the third Thor movie lives up to his avenging counterparts and to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Absent for two years since Avengers: Age of Ultron, this movie explains all the questions fans might have of where Thor and Bruce Banner/The Hulk have been for so long as well as the mysterious ending for Thor: The Dark World, what happened to Odin the All-Father.

This movie is basically a semi-comedic slant on the Hulk variant comic book seriers called Planet Hulk, although this movie is flush with a little more Thor on Hulk banter with twists thrown in.

In this adventure, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) must team up with Thor’s less than trustworthy brother and the god of mischief Loki (Tom Hiddleston), along with the disgraced Asgardian Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson to escape the Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) clutches and return to prevent the destruction of Asgard by Hela played by Kate Blanchett.

Ok now that I named dropped almost every big name in the movie, let me tell you that the movie is definitely worth watching.

It’s fun, action-packed and finally breaks Thor movies out of this mystical Norse God genre, explaining why they only ever talk about nine realms when there is literally an entire universe out there.

The Good:

Action, action, action! Be it Thor vs. The Hulk, the both of them vs. others or everyone vs. everyone, this movie has spaceships a-flying and hands-a-smashing.

The dialog was also more developed. As The Hulk has learned to articulate his words more, now you get more of that rivalry banter between the two beefiest frenemie Avengers.

Lastly, the soundtrack was great. Can you say Led Zepplin?! How has Immigrant Song never been used in a Thor movie before? It’s literally a fast paced song about Vikings reaving the world and makes for any action sequence.

The Bad:

Do you like Jeff Goldblum? Me neither. Everything he is in he does the same thing and this is no different. For being the ruler of a dystopian waste planet based on keeping his rowdy subjects happy through gladitorial style gaming, one must wonder why no one would topple his rule.


Ultimately you’ll have to see the movie to know if Thor and the others can escape the Grandmaster’s clutches and get back to Asgard to save it from Ragnarok (movie interpretation is slightly different than the actual Norse mythology, but the major players are there).

One thing I will tell you that isnt much of a spolier is although there are two post movie scenes, the first one is the only important one and it can be a bit cryptic for those that arent really in to the MCU.