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Daily parking pass kiosks now accept credit cards

Campus safety recently updated some of the daily parking machines to accept credit cards, making it more convenient for students to purchase a single day parking pass.

The credit card reader
The credit card reader is located on the right side of the kiosks and accepts Visa and Mastercard. Photo credit: Jacob Gamboa

Select card readers will now accept Mastercard and VISA cards.

These upgraded parking permit machines can be found on the first floor of the parking structure at the north staircase, near the 1700 building by the vending machines, in student parking lot five by the 1800 building, in student parking six, the parking row parallel with Sherbeck Field and the lot located behind the 2000 building.

Parking Map
The pink squares indicate where the new, upgraded parking machines are located. Photo credit: Jacob Gamboa

Before, the only forms of payment that were accepted by the machines were cash or coin. The daily parking pass allows students to park in designated parking for a flat $2 rate.

For many students, these daily parking passes come in handy when they do not feel like parking far away from campus and want to park in the school without getting a $37 ticket for not having a permit.

Others may find it useful when borrowing a car that does not have a permit on the windshield, among other instances.

“I think it is very convenient considering the fact that I never personally carry cash with me. It’s also easier and faster to just swipe my debit card instead of having to rummage through my wallet and look for change,” said Marisa Aguilera, communications major.

With a credit or debit card, students can purchase a pass without asking others for money or digging around their car for spare change. This will save time and help students get to class on time.

Not all kiosks have the card feature, but Fullerton College’s attempt to begin marks a good start.