Hornets take to Honda Center for first ever ‘FC Night’

Rebecca Radtke

The Anaheim Ducks welcomed Fullerton College to the first ever FC Night on Sunday, Nov. 12.

After the success of the Anaheim Angels FC night, Associated Students decided to travel across the street to the Honda Center for Ducks Night.

Prior to the regular season Ducks game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Fullerton College partook in pre-game activities such as a silent auction where students and fans alike could bid on signed gear such as pucks and jerseys.

ducks night
Associated Students smiling big and prepping for the first intermission activity, the long shot, at FC night on Nov. 12. Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke

Apart from it being a great social occasion for the semester, school spirit and a night to root the Ducks, the night’s focus was about awareness. All ticket sales and proceeds of the silent auction went to the CareBank on campus which aids struggling students.

Much like Angels night, students took part in sport specific activities. A.S. participated in intermission activities such as the long shot where four participants could win signed pucks if they made the shot.

ducks night
 A.S. members Camille Serrrano (right), Juhi Bambar (center) cheer on Aldwin Galang (front) and Cruz Yadira Vera (right) during the Ducks game intermission on Nov. 12. Photo credit: Stephanie Lozano

“I was so proud when I made it in on the first try, and it was awesome to just represent Fullerton College on the ice,” said A.S. Senator, Aldwin Galang.

Juhi Bambar, student representative of A.S. who was also one of the winners, said “I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it in, but I managed to make it in the second try. It was probably one of the greatest experiences to be out there on the ice in front a huge crowd.”

As the game went on, A.S President Taylor Gatje and Vice President Melissa Castaneda were selected for Zamboni rides during the second intermission. The ladies sported their Hornet gear and limited edition FC co-branded hat.

ducks night
A.S. Vice President Melissa Castaneda smiles big as she takes a ride on the zamboni and looks to the crowd during the second intermission of the Ducks game on Nov. 12. Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke

Students who attended received a Ducks-themed hat.

Despite the Ducks loss, the Hornets spirit was brightly shown. The choice of seating and price options was not as concentrated as it was at FC Angels Night because the seating was scattered.

The Ducks participate in several nights where different organizations and schools celebrate and raise money for the perspective organizations.

ducks night
A.S. President Taylor Gaetjie and V.P. Melissa Castaneda  awaiting to get on the zamboni during the second intermission at FC night on Nov. 12. Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke