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Vocal jazz and jazz lab band performers unite to give a superb showcase of talent

A night full of musical fusion between the Synergy Vocal Jazz and Jazz Lab Band captured the audience’s attention as they shined bright inside the Fullerton College Campus Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 16.

The first performance of the night came from the Synergy Vocal Jazz group with the piece “Mr. P.C.”

The Jazz Lab Band rehearsing before the event begins. Photo credit: Edwin Flores

As nerves settled in, the performance got off to a rocky start. However, it did not take them long to dramatically improve as the performers gained confidence from the encouraging audience. Loud cheering and clapping from the audience lifted the performers spirits.

From then on, it was smooth sailing as stellar solos from various vocalists paved the way towards excellence.

Next, the piece “Say It Like You Mean It” opened with performers singing beautifully in sync. Solos by pianist Angelo Pizarro and guitar player Madison Holland got the crowd excited. The piece finished with a relaxing arrangement that cooled the emotions.

The third piece, “Embraceable You”, was an intimate piece that focused only on vocals. The group’s chemistry was felt as their voices fused to what sounded like a single voice.

Last, but not least, was “Alright, Okay, You Win.” Before the piece started, director Sean Fitzpatrick took the time to thank all the performers for their diligent hard work.

“1,2,3,4,” yelled drum set player Luke Rey to start off the piece. Nothing but smiles filled the performers faces as they were enjoying themselves on the stage.

The Synergy Vocal Jazz performance came to an end when vocals and instruments combined to fill the theatre with powerful chords. Once the group finished, the audience didn’t hold back from cheering.

Director Chad Willis conducting the Jazz Lab Band during their performance on "Blues in Frankie's Flat". This was the final piece of the event.

Chad Willis came out to introduce the Jazz Lab Band. The first piece they performed is from the television show “The Odd Couple” starring Mathew Perry. Solos by trumpet player Ricky Rodriguez and alto sax player Arturo Correa controlled the theatre’s atmosphere.

The sax solos continued on into the next piece, “Body and Soul.” Tenor sax player Brian Hernandez capitalized on his two solos and displayed passion that absorbed the entire room.

“I like to push students to where they don’t need me,” Willis said prior to the final performance of “Blues in Frankie’s Flat.”

The band showed that they were more than capable when they began playing without him. However, Willis came in later to assist in the finale. In the end, Willis thanked every performer individually and the band received an ovation from the audience.

“I actually invited someone so they could come with me to the next one,” said Katya Gomez, Sociology major.

Gomez is referring to the Cabana Boys performance which is scheduled to take place this Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. inside the FC Campus Theatre.

“I was really excited,” said Calvin Hsu, bass player for the Jazz Lab Band. “We progressed a lot in the last two rehearsals and it removed any doubt I had as an ensemble.”

Hsu said he is looking forward to increasing chemistry within the group next semester.

For more information on upcoming events please visit the Fullerton College Music Department events calendar.