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Commander in Tweet

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On Nov. 3, Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account was temporarily deleted from Twitter. The account could not be found or seen on the social media website for 11 minutes. It had just vanished.

It was later revealed that a Twitter employee, who on their last day, thought it was a good idea to silence the account, and disable it.

Like many things Trump, his use of Twitter has been unorthodox. He uses the Twitter platform to speak to the people, the media, other countries and their leaders. Most of the time though, “The Donald” does not have much nice things to say and usually causes controversy in his tweets.

Donald Trump technically has two Twitter accounts. The first one is personal account @realDonaldTrump and the other is his official Presidential account, @POTUS. The account that he mainly tweets from and the one that got shut down was his personal account.

This is a dilemma in itself. If the man is now President, why does he still tweet from his personal account? Why is it allowed? He is the President, and should address the world from a Presidential account, not his own.

He decided to run for office and take up the position of President of the United States, no one forced him to do this, yet he still acts and speaks through his celebrity persona . No man or women is bigger than the office of the President of the United States, the power, position, and legacy is bigger than any person, so sacrifices must be made.

When Barack Obama was President, he tweeted and communicated through his @POTUS account. Under the @POTUS account, all tweets are all archived and stored for historic purposes.

Whenever Trump tweets, which is usually not good or a nice thing, he tweets them under his personal account, therefore they will not be officially stored and saved under the @POTUS account. This means that Trump’s way of tweeting may not be saved, and he can get away with tweeting controversial things.

So since he is still tweeting like a private citizen, even though now he holds public office, his account is just like any other Twitter profile. Meaning that it is subject to hackers, or insiders who could shut down his account, or tweet things that are from a different person.

This is why I believe that the President of the United States should tweet from the @POTUS account. When the Twitter employee disabled Trump’s twitter, it was his personal account. That means that it is vulnerable to other people and outsiders to possibly compromising the @realDonaldTrump account.

Even though he says outrageous things, the leader of the free world, the most powerful man in the world, could put himself and the country in danger because he decided to tweet from his personal account. Our enemies could turn his Twitter into something even worse than what it already is, and cause some real damage.

He’s used Twitter to make comments on North Korea, veterans, weak foreign leaders, and athletes. So someone with an agenda to harm our country or others, could get into Trump’s account and tweet under his name, making the world think its real. For those 11 minutes, the world had no clue what had happened to Trump’s account. In those 11 minutes, there could have been some real damage or casualty if it was cause by the wrong hands.

The POTUS account is more government run, and will keep Trump from tweeting “covfefe”, or talking crap about NFL players at 3 a.m. in the morning, while he sits on the golden toilet.

I feel that our national security would be much safer if Trump’s personal Twitter account gets suspended during his term, and if he needs to tweet, use the @POTUS account, with his people regulating it. I feel that the @POTUS account is harder to crack or compromise. He wanted to be President, so he should start acting like it.