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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Trinity Bat Co. scores a home run

If anyone knows baseball, then they know Trinity Bat Company. Trinity Bat Company is located off Orangethorpe Ave. between State College Blvd. and Placentia Ave. They manufacture bats for all ages ranging from young kids all the way to the pros.

Trinity Bat Co. merchandise at the front desk. Photo credit: Jared Williams

At Trinity Bat Co., their mission is to “treat every person who walks through our door with the same respect we give our big leaguers because we understand that they are equally important in the game of baseball.”

For any player that uses or simply holds a Trinity bat, it is plain to see why the pros use their products.

Pieces of other pre made bats. Photo credit: Jared Williams

Established April 1, 2005, Trinity Bat Co. has come a long way from where it started. Owner Steve McKee made it his goal to get their logo on national television. The Trinity Bat Co. logo is not just any ordinary business logo, this logo goes way deeper than a bat manufacturing company.

The Trinity Bat Co. logo stems from the bible. McKee mentioned that there are seven stars on the logo which stand for the seven stars that God holds in his right hand in the book of Revelation. The name Trinity represents The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Poster of Adrian Gonzales who uses Trinity bats. Photo credit: Jared Williams

Being a Christian based company, McKee did not want all of the fame and glory to go to himself when their logo made it to national television, but for all of the fame and glory to go to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“We are the only bat manufacturing company that inscribes bible verses into that bats,” said McKee.

By keeping God in the center of the business, it is clear that the Trinity Bat Co. obtains favor from God with such a successful, flourishing business.

Pre-manufactured wooden bats at the Trinity Bat Co. facility. Photo credit: Jared Williams

Since Trinity Bat Co. started, they attracted a good amount of big time professional baseball players. The very first Major League Baseball player to use their bat was Angels hall of famer Vladimir Guerrero.

Guerrero enjoyed using their bats so much, that he traveled with one for every game and shipped back any other bat that was given to him by other companies.

An employee working on the finished products. Photo credit: Jared Williams

Orlando Cabrera, Guerrero’s teammate, soon starting using Trinity Bat Co.’s bat as his main bat. Soon after, Trinity Bat Co. started to take off and have several other big name players use their bats. Out of all the customers who purchase Trinity bats, 50% of consumers are professionals.

About a year ago, Trinity Bat Co. started manufacturing metal bats as well for players of college age and under.

“The ball jumps off the bat,” said McKee.

different bats
other imported brand name bats from players across the MLB. Photo credit: Jared Williams

There is a numerous amount of players who send in different brand name bats in to Trinity Bat Co. The reason for this is because these players like the way the other bats feel but would rather have the wood that Trinity Bat Co. supplies.

With all the success Trinity Bat Co. has earned, they plan to stay in Orange County and hope to someday combine the business with a batting academy.

For more information about Trinity Bat Company and their products visit their website.