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Campus Life: How Can We Make It Better?

Let’s face it, nobody looks forward for going to school. No one wakes up and thinks to themselves, “I can’t wait to write this essay!” or “I’m so glad I get to sit through this super awesome math lecture then do 70 problems for homework along with the 10 hours of work I have for my other classes!”

What can we do in order to get students looking forward for school and get more involved on campus?

The one thing that can get any broke college student excited for coming to school is having some delicious food on campus…that is reasonably affordable of course. Having massive food fairs to raise money for certain cause is a great way for students to get more involved on campus, especially at commuter colleges such as Fullerton College.

As a student, I personally just try to get in and out of school as fast as I can. I do not want to be spending anymore extra time on campus than I have to, but if I hear there is food involved on campus, I don’t mind staying on campus a little longer.

For people like me, during weeks like Club Rush, I try to avoid all of that especially since I’m at a community college. Generally students usually attend community college for two years, maybe three. I would not want get involved in something for only a short time.

Fullerton College Quad Photo credit: Fullerton College

When the Club Rush week occurs, there has not been one time I have been a certain club got my attention. On the other hand, if any of clubs were serving food at their booth, it would definitely capture the attention of any student.

So how would having food fairs get more students more involved on campus? First off, good food will bring anyone together. For example, once a month all clubs on campus can get together in the quad and set up a food fair. Each club can choose a dish of their choosing.

food fair
People stroll through the Orange International Street Fair. Photo credit: Orange County Register

The food fairs can also be themed. There can be global themes where each club chooses a country and prepares a dish from that location. The clubs can also narrow it down to one country and cook multiple dishes from that nation. Such as, Mexico. Let’s be honest, what student is going to turn down Mexican food? All you really need is some authentic tacos and burritos and then everyone is happy!

By having food fairs, it gives clubs the ability to reach out to more students rather than only relying on Club Rush week where students just walk by their booths. Food fairs can also create opportunities to make connections and build new friendships.

If there is going to be anything to get college students more involved on campus life, it is food.

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  • C

    ClarissaNov 30, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Although I see your point in this article, being a writer yourself you should done more research in your words. Having 30-40 clubs sell food during club rushes requires a lot more work and attention than you think. All food sold must be approved by Sodexo, and if the clubs were to prepare and make the food themselves then they would need approval by the OC Health Department.

    Incentives of food should not have to be created in order for students to want to join a club and to get involved. Club rushes have the purpose to reach out to students who want to get involved and want to join a group or club. If you are looking for some free food on campus at times, I would recommend purchasing A.S. benefits, which can be bought at anytime during the semester for a low and affordable price for any student. Having the benefits would give you assess to free food that AS gives to students at almost every event that they have. For example: free pizza, salads, pastas, sandwiches, taco vouchers, cookies, desserts, etc….

    The thought of a food fair though, sounds like a great idea. I was recommend in you attending an ICC meeting or an AS activities committee to propose the idea.

  • B

    Brian GatpandanNov 29, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I can feel your concern with bringing more life to the campus by bringing more food. Although the lack of surveying the people who create the event brings a higher concern to me. As the Inter Club Council Vice President, it is part of my responsibility to ensure these events run smoothly. The process of creating a food fest within the campus would require a tremendous amounts of paperwork and funding that would not be as easily feasible within the power of Associated Students. I suggest that you should go talk with the people that creates these campus events and give input on how things could be implemented before writing an article that lacks crucial information. Also the tone of your voice saying you don’t plan staying on campus more than you are required, shows evidence that you lack the drive to even care about what is going on around you, thus making you less equipped to write an article concerning this issue.

    Feel free to come talk to me in my office at room 222 above the cafeteria for any topics you would like to write about.