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Sexuality of Men

Let’s be real, sex is great. If you do not have any desire for sex, male or female, there may be something wrong.

According to, men think about sex approximately every seven seconds, but is that true? Although sex is amazing, every seven seconds is an awful short amount of time to be thinking about sex.

Generally, men are more open about their sexuality than women. For college guys, sex is almost like a competition. Because of this, guys are looked at as pigs because they only want one thing. A vast majority of college-age guys just want to have sex with as many girls as possible. By having sex with as many girls as possible can ultimately be damaging to both males and females.

Since guys treat sex as a competition, they will do almost anything just to get a little freaky in the sheets, if you know what I’m saying… It is considered to be “cool,” by how many girls you have sex with, but the more people you have sex with, the chance of getting AIDS and other STD/STI’s increases. In my opinion, getting AIDS really isn’t that cool.

Both men and women enjoy sex, no question about it. But how does each gender try and get sex? There is a popular saying that, “men give love for sex and women give sex for love.” For the most part, this is pretty accurate. Men and women are wired differently.

Generally, men just want sex and women want to feel loved.

Traditionally, sex is to be shared between a man and a woman in marriage. In today’s society, it is acceptable to go and have sex with whomever you please.

Sex is an important and very special thing to be sharing. By giving yourself to anyone, sex will end up losing its value. Sex is like fire. When fire is properly contained there are many benefits that comes along with it. Fire provides warmth, light, energy, the ability to kill certain germs and diseases and can be used for cooking. When fire is not properly contained, it can cause a whole lot of damage. Fire can take down a whole neighborhood and can leave people with nothing.

Sex is the same.

If you share sex with anyone you please, it can leave some internal damage. Whereas, if you share sex with someone you love and know that you will be with that person forever, sex will be 100 times better. It will be awesome, really awesome. Though fire can cause major damage, burnt down houses or buildings can be rebuilt, vegetation will grow back. Wounds from sex can be healed.

Instead of men trying to have sex with as many girls as they can, they need to start being more careful because having sex with a girl can cause her to become attached and in the long run, she might end up getting hurt. This can affect the girl with her next relationship, thinking that giving sex is the only way to receive love. This can also go both ways, but more often than not it is usually the guy who wants sex.

On the contrary, a real man will show a woman her worth and reveal to her how valuable and precious she is. Regardless of what people say, women have it way harder than men. Being a guy is easy. Women have to deal with way more, physically and emotionally.

Whereas the only thing guys have to worry about is not getting hit in their family jewels. Since women also tend to be more emotional than men, it is so important to treat all women with respect because we do not know what they may be going through.

Whether you are a man or woman, we all want the same thing and that is sex. Some may not be as open about it. It is not just men who think about it, women do also. Overall, we can all agree that sex is a wonderful thing.

On the other hand, there is unequal treatment between men and women in the work force. There are times when women are given more work to complete, but with less time to complete it and then will be given less credit than men.

If a woman does a better job than a man does, she should get paid more and vice versa, if man does better, he should get paid more.

There are some occupations that do not provide equal amongst men and women. “Women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 80 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 20 percent,” according to the American Association of University Women.

If the wage gap was really a major problem, businesses would just fire men because it would essentially be saving money for all those businesses. There is no denying that there is a wage gap and inequality in the work force, but people can either fight the injustice or just let the injustice continue.

According to CBS News, the highest paid celebrities are: Sean Combs, Beyonce and J.K. Rowling. Out of the highest paid celebrities, two are women. The wage gap is generally an excuse for feminists to complain about how sexists the work force is.

Society portrays men as the one who is supposed to be providing for the family and women to be doing all the work at home, which is okay, but that is not always the case. Often times women will make more than her husband, which makes her the one bringing home the bacon and there is nothing wrong with that.

Generally, men will be given harder tasks than women because men are expected to be able to do more. There a plenty of women out there that can do way more than any man can. No matter how much a man thinks he is an alpha-male, he is always going to need the assistance and guidance of a woman.