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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Pay up or go home

Fullerton College’s International Student Center enrolls around 300 students from over 50 countries.

Each unit is about $243 in order to apply. This money goes towards tuition, capital outlay, enrollment fee, books and supplies, health/accident insurance, and living expenses.

how expensive school is.
For only one year, international students pay a little over $20,000! Photo credit: Google Images

$20,000 for two semesters is a huge amount of money for a community college.

Students choose community college because it’s cheaper, but not for students who come from other countries.

So why do students decide to come to the U.S. for an education?

Being an international student may burn a hole in your wallet but it comes with many perks.

“It would mean that you have advanced English language skills and valuable intercultural experience. It would show that you studied within one of the best higher education systems in the world, with access to advanced technology and research. They would know that you received in-depth instruction, learned to problem-solve and have knowledge of modern practices within your field,” according to Study USA.

So, besides the amazing opportunities for the future, how do students pay a $243-unit tuition?

“Financial aid doesn’t apply to international students, so my parents pay for my tuition,” said Josh, a psychology major.

For residential students, $46 per unit is a lot to handle already, and financial aid is what most students look forward to in order to pay for their tuition.

Hiram, a business administration major, came to the United States from Hong Kong. With the support of his parents, he decided to attend Fullerton College because his sister went to Fullerton College before Hiram, and it’s a cheaper than other colleges.

Hiram shared the concern about AS increasing the fees of tuition for next semester, much like other international students in the same situation.

Student studying at ISC.
Hiram studying at the international student center. Photo credit: Liza Rey

Fullerton College’s International Students have an on-campus center filled with staff ready to meet their academic and personal needs. They accept F-1 and F-2 visa students and help them maintain their visa as a student.

International Students can not only learn the American culture, but conversing with other international students can give them a cultural experience as well.

Ernesto works at the front desk as a processing information assistant, and goes to school. “Working in the International Students Center, you meet a lot of new people and learn new languages.”

For students who are applying outside of the United Stated, Fullerton College offers part-time for F-1 and F-2 visa student admission.

All documents including, online application, supplemental question form, a non-refundable fee of $40, copy of passport, and essay of describing the reasons you wish to attend the college (700-word minimum) and more must be submitted before the application deadline. After two weeks, the student will be notified of the decision.

Tuition and enrollment fee are due after the student registers for classes, and this is where the $20,000 come into play.

International Student Center Staff
The Staff of Fullerton College's international student center. Photo credit: Facebook

For further information about the International Student Center, visit room 220 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Or you can visit their online website.