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Students show off hard work and talent at piano recital

Students filled the Fullerton College Recital Hall with an array of talent on Tuesday, Dec. 12, for what Director Jeremy Siskind called “a positive experience overall”.

Siskind, who co-runs the program with Dr. Monica Lee and Dr. Andrew Park, was grateful for the turnout and for having a respectful audience.

Piano Recital
Students pose for pictures after their performance on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Photo credit: Madison Smith

The event got started right away with Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Sonata in F Major, Opus 10 No. 2” being performed by Jonathan Choi. The fast paced piece transported audiences back to Germany.

“I tried to give the best performance I could and kind of share the emotions of the music with the audience. I think regardless of mistakes or regardless of messing up, the most important thing is to help your viewers have an experience and I think a lot of us really accomplished what we meant to do,” Choi said.

Seahwa Park certainly accomplished giving the audience an experience when she performed Twelve Variations on “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” K. 265 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Park’s performance of the piece was intricate and moved with a quick pace. It was a fitting piece to end the night that showcased the talent on display.

“It’s a huge piece, very long and very difficult, and she did very well with it,” Siskind said.

In total, 11 students performed classical music from the eighteenth century and the present.

The night featured the works of not only Beethoven and Mozart, but recognizable pieces from Joseph Haydn, Frederic Chopin and Claude Debussy.

“We’re just really grateful for the community members who came and showed their support and we’re really proud of our students,” Siskind said after the performances. He noted that although it varies from student to student, most of them had been practicing their pieces all semester long in preparation for the recital.

“Good feelings all around. We all worked very hard and we did well and I think that’s what mattes,” Choi said.