CommUNITY Day lands at Fullerton College

Lann Nguyen

Fullerton College’s CommUNITY Day was filled with eager clubs on the quad, spreading awareness about what they believe in.

commUNITY day
It was a beautiful sunny day for the CommUNITY day event at Fullerton college. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

CommUNITY day’s message was about togetherness and welcoming new and returning students to campus.

“We want to connect the students to resources that are available on campus as well as some non-profits from the community,” said Vincent White, Cadena Cultural Center coordinator.

commUNITY day
Cadena Cultural Center Coordinator Vince White and Director Cecilia Arriaza had a booth in a central location on the quad and provided helpful information on today's event as well as events to come. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

The Korean Resource Center, a non-profit organization, hosted a table to to share their effort to help “young high school and college students through resources like paid internships,” said Lucy Ngo, a representative for the group. “It’s important for our youth to engage in the community.”

commUNITY day
Lucy Ngo and Susan Cheng are representing the Korean Resource Center, a non-profit organization in Fullerton CA. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

The center works on several projects, including the Dream Act and providing college for all, “especially the undocumented and the incarcerated,” said Ngo.

“It’s nice to have events that keep us connected to the community,” said Jose Enriquez, a second year Fullerton College student.

Umoja had a booth showcasing their mission of unity and shared upcoming events they are hosting for African American History Month.

commUNITY day
Michelle Johnson and JP Wiafe represented Umoja and were happy to wear matching shirts for CommUNITY day. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

“I appreciate the cultural following the school has started, that’s really powerful to me,” said J.P. Wiafe, a member of Umoja.

Umoja plans to hold several events this month, including the African American Forum on Feb. 21 from 12-2 p.m. in room 224.

“The forum will be the strongest event and I’ll be sharing personal details along with a few other people,” said Wiafe.

commUNITY day
Ronald Shin and Evan Jensen are a part of the Speech and Debate club at Fullerton college and they are an award-winning club. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

Among the clubs that took part in CommUNITY day was the Speech and Debate Club, hosted by an award-winning group that attends competitions and meets a few times a week.

Another event coming this semester is World Fest, happening on April 19 to promote the importance of earth, people and all cultures.

“We are going to take over the quad, beef up the art village this year with students’ art and encourage creativity,” said White.

CommUNITY day showcased the inclusiveness that Fullerton college strives for through learning more about other cultures and by interacting with different clubs.

commUNITY day
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?"" said Martin Luther King, Jr. who the CommUNITY day event highlighted with a large picture of the activist. Photo credit: Lann Nguyen

To find out about more events held by the Cadena Cultural Center, visit their website.