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Library gets new recording studio

The first One Button Studio on campus will officially launch in the Fullerton College library on Mar. 1, 2018. This simple video recording studio is designed for students of all technical levels to create professional grade videos suitable for portfolios, class projects and even YouTube.

Located in Room 820 B, the studio is quaintly equipped with a camera, a microphone, a computer, three studio lights, a grey curtain and—true to its name—one silver button, that makes the magic begin.

After its official launch, the studio can be reserved through the library website for a duration of two hours. Students will need to bring their own USB drive formatted for FAT32 files. There is a simple three step process to record.

1. Insert the flash drive into the port.

2. Hit the silver button to start and stop recording.

3. Remove the flash drive when completed.

The One Button Studio is a collaboration between the library and the business department. Gary Graves, Professor of business and public speaking, researched different options when asked to participate in the annual innovation grant from the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD).

He found an award winning One Button Studio at Pennsylvania State University. The plans for the studio were available online which birthed a new One Button Studio at Fullerton College.

There are still upgrades in process. Later this week an isochromatic piece will replace the grey curtain. This piece of equipment acts as a green screen and can be removed or replaced during editing.

Also, since the camera is stationary at one height, there are plans for a raised area in front of the backdrop, so all heights can successfully record.

Professor Graves hopes Dr. Greg Schulz, Fullerton College President, will record a weekly message at the official launch of the studio; however, this has not yet been confirmed.

In the meantime, the library website has details available online along with links to further resources for creating an engaging speech. Professor Graves suggests students using the studio for the first time access these resources.

Any technical or troubleshooting issues may be directed to Gary Graves’ email.

“I do believe video is the future,” Graves stated.

His vision is to have multiple one button studios around campus. Everyone will need a portfolio of some sort. The new one button studio will make this easy for anyone to create a professional looking presentation.