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Black Panther is a must-see

Marvel’s “Black Panther” was worth the wait.

Ever since the Wakandan King was introduced to us in “Captain America: Civil War” the suspense for his movie has built up. It exceeded my expectations.

I am loyal to the Marvel Universe franchise and welcome the backstories to each and every character and “Black Panther” did not disappoint.

This movie was so timely with hints of female empowerment and undertones of political issues that are very relevant in today’s world.

The star-studded cast was excellent with appearances by the award winning Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett.

This movie did not fall short with its leading men, starring Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther who we have seen in the movie “42,” the story of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, and Michael B. Jordan who we know from “Creed”.

Lupita Nyong’o, who won an Oscar for her performance in “12 Years a Slave,” also starred in this timely film and carried herself in the magnificent role as T’Challas’ love interest and that’s just to name a few of the amazing cast members.

This film portrayed such relevant issues such as foreign aid and the debate of whether or not to help nations who are less fortunate.

We can relate to this struggle here in the USA because we are such a fortunate nation that has so many resources and technological advances that we have the ability to reach out and give assistance to developing nations and those in need, but we don’t always choose to.

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“Black Panther” tackled women’s rights in a subtle way by having a female army with a strong female general. The army’s demographics show that women are powerful, strong and capable through their amazing combat abilities and their overall triumph in protecting the throne.

The empathy and wisdom of Wakanda’s King is admirable and shows the struggles that a leader might have to face and overcome in the face of hardship.

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Viewers can expect some comedy and heartfelt moments in this film that focuses on family and loyalty to one’s country.

There is much to look forward to as we will be seeing more of the Black Panther in future “Avengers” movies and possibly a sequel.

It was well worth the buzz and I would recommend you see this movie before everyone else sees it and spoils it for you.

The power that this movie holds for African Americans through the overwhelmingly amazing cast and the strong characters is a great step towards giving recognition to people of all backgrounds in Hollywood.

After casting most of the Marvel universe as white males, it was refreshing to see a different shade of superheroes.

It is amazing that now more children are able to look up to superheroes that look like them and know that this more closely represents their demographics.

The storyline captures our hearts and teaches us that we do not have to repeat the mistakes of the past and those who came before us. We have a chance to look forward towards the future with an open mind and a happy heart.

When we have the resources that others do not, we should share them with one another and protect each other to ensure a better way of life for all.

This was a beautiful film that made me laugh, cry and think about social issues that are so important right now.

After all who could turn down seeing a movie with so many good looking people?