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Local student found joy and passion in France

Sarah Perez took a leap of faith by enrolling in the study abroad program at Fullerton College.

The magical destination was France which is a dream for most anyone.

One of her most cherished day trips was to Disneyland Paris.

Student feature: Sarah Perez
Perez enjoyed the sights including amusement park Disneyland Paris. Photo credit: Sarah Perez

“I found out about the trip through posters around school,” said Perez.

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is the program that Fullerton College uses to make the payments for Study Abroad and “was fairly easy to use,” she said.

Perez left for her trip in Sept. 2017 and “I remember landing there and thinking that the air was so sweet smelling,” said Perez.

“My favorite memory was when I was doing my homework in my apartment in France and the beautiful colors of the sunset were leaking through my bedroom window and when I decided to open my window and look out, there was a man playing jazz music on his saxophone,” said Sarah Perez.

Perez had never traveled abroad before her trip to France.

“It made me realize that despite the fact that the United States is a melting pot, we still don’t take time to learn different languages and connect with other cultures as much as the countries in Europe do,” she said.

For fall break she was able to travel to Verona, Italy and she took in the sights with photography.

Student feature: Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez had the experience of a lifetime on her study abroad trip to France and Italy. Photo credit: Sarah Perez

“I think everyone should study abroad at least once in their life. It’s the most amazing experience once could have. And at times there’s really only one time in their life that they could live in another country.

“My worldview has changed because I feel like we should be closer to other cultures by learning languages,” said Perez.

As an architecture major, Perez decided that a visit to Europe would help her expand her design ideas and help her knowledge in architecture history.

There is the knowledge that can be learned in the classroom and then there’s the knowledge that comes from experience and traveling.

“My roommate and I met a penpal in Venice,” said Perez.

Traveling broadens horizons and creates new friendships like the one Perez formed.

Student feature: Sarah Perez
Perez and her roommate met new friends along the way. Photo credit: Sarah Perez

There are many benefits to studying abroad such as gaining “personal growth, intercultural development, education and career attainment, a lifetime of benefits and the longer you stay means greater benefits,” according to the non-profit Institute for the International Education of Students website.

Learn more about study abroad Fall 2018 with a meet and greet Q & A information workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 5:30-7 p.m. in room 224.