Beat Cafe returns to Fullerton College

Anthony Robles

The annual Beat Café and open mic is coming back to Fullerton College. This event will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 4-7 p.m. in the Student Center Room 214.

This event is in its ninth year and is in honor of African American history month. As in previous years, this event will feature performances by Fullerton College poets, singers and musicians in an intimate surrounding.

“It’s a fully open mic, however we’re looking specifically for poets, singers and musicians,” said Vincent White, Cadena Cultural Center Coordinator.

Beat Cafe
Beat Cafe Presents Open Mic at Fullerton College and everyone is invited to watch or join in on the fun. Photo credit: Anthony Robles

During the three hour run time last year, about 60 to 70 people have participated. This year, White is expecting a larger turnout.

This event should be in the interest of any Fullerton College student who reads or writes poetry and musicians who aren’t shy to approach an open mic.

If students are in the mood to participate but don’t want to perform, students can still attend and enjoy the free conveniences such as tea or coffee.

This will be a free event for any student who wants to participate.

“We have a wide variety of students who come in and everyone is welcomed to attend.” White said. “This event gives every student the chance to participate and be heard amongst their fellow students.”