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A Dash of Sprinkles and Success for Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour

Having made some changes, Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Buena Park is here to stay.

According to the OC Register, Farrell’s was in “overwhelming debt,” nearly 2 million dollars deep. After a temporary shut down, not many expected Farrell’s to survive after several locations had permanently shut down.

farrels ice cream
Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Shop in Buena Park Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

Marcus Lemonis, from the show “The Profit” on CNBC, stepped in to save the struggling parlour.

“Anytime you can bring people together, families together, and have fun – that’s a business worthy of investing in,” Lemonis said during the episode featuring Farrell’s last year.

Lemonis found value in the struggling business. Even though it was a risky decision, he invested $750,000 and took a 51 percent stake in the company.

“He’s really helped with wealth and knowledge. It’s something that I believe allows people to manage a business,” said Travis Lee, the general manager of Farrell’s.

Many changes were made, which Lemonis felt were necessary to the survival of the business.

farrels ice cream
2 out 3 sliders offered in their Slider Trio. They take mini brioche buns and stack them full! Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

Some of the changes include a different color scheme in the dining room and a new outdoor marquee display.

The biggest change suggested by Lemonis was to the candy shop. A wide variety of candy to choose from is now available to purchase by the pound.

Gummy bears, sour rings and even silly candy such as gummy fried eggs can be found in the barrels of candy.

Chocolate bars being made at the Candy Making demonstration. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

Another drastic change that was made was to the birthday celebration cheering. Prior to the change in tradition alarms rang, drums were banged and a lot of singing and screaming occurred. Lemonis found it frustrating and annoying.

Fast forward to today and the vibe has transformed to a more relaxed environment.

Customers fill the shop browsing the candy barrels, sitting along the ice cream bar and sitting at the booths enjoying the food.

“The changes made gave us a new outlook on customer base. We have seen changes in our customer return rate. It’s gone from one every 13 weeks to one every 90 days. It’s just gotten so much better,” said Lee.

There have been changes to the menu as well.

farrels ice cream
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shots offered at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. They are mini sandwiches with gouda, swiss, cheddar, and parmesan atop housemade tomato basil soup shots. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

“Everything is fresh and made in-house. It’s something everyone can enjoy,” said Lee.

The candy making demonstration is a new feature recently added for guests to interact with one another.

“I enjoy working for Farrell’s. It’s done a lot for the community and I love working locally for the community,” said Lee.

farrels ice cream
Travis Lee, General Manager/ Regional Director, standing by the Candy Store. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

The happy environment extends to the staff and this provides a positive family-friendly environment.

“I enjoy working here. It’s so much fun. Going to school and working has brought more fun than stress. It’s great. With all the changes, I’m glad it all worked,” said Sabrina, a waitress at Farrell’s.

“The Profit” on CNBC will air an episode featuring Farrell’s for the second time.

Stop by the Buena Park location and show them this article for the opportunity to buy one entree, get one free, from now until the end of March.