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Declare your major during Major Declaration Day

The Counseling Division, Student Support Services and Associated Students will host the first annual Major Declaration Day on Wednesday, Mar. 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the FC Quad.

Students will be able to find resources that will help them create pathways towards declaring a major and, while supplies last, receive free lunch for participating.

This event is both for undecided students and students who know what major they are pursuing.

“We have designed the quad into four different unique areas to provide support and opportunities for students to affirm, confirm and explore majors through interactive counseling and support services,” said Flor Huerta, Counseling Department Coordinator.

To explore and confirm majors, students will navigate through the four sections of the quad: “Meet Your Major”, “Meet a Counselor”, “Stay on Path” and “Follow Your Path”.

The “Meet Your Major” area will function to provide students information on their major and an opportunity to talk to instructors and counselors.

“Meet Your Major” will be sub-divided into 7 sections based on major clusters: Humanities, Social Science, CTE, STEM, Fine Arts, Business and the Exploration area for further majors to career exploration.

Counselors will be located at the “Meet A Counselor” section of the quad where students will be able to ask general questions. In this same section, students will be able to connect to campus resources such as the Cadena Transfer Center, Admissions and Records and Financial Aid.

The “Stay on Path” sector will offer an opportunity for students to connect to support services such as EOPS, Academic Support Center, Health Center and more.

On the “Follow Your Path” section of the quad, students can publicly declare their major and confirm their next steps with a counselor.

Major Declaration Day Map
Map of Major Declaration Day for Mar. 7, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Photo credit: Kimberly Solis

The Counseling Center will be closed during the event, but will bring most of their services to the quad.

All students are encouraged to participate and take advantage of this informative opportunity.