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Club Rush Ready for Fullerton College Night at Angel Stadium

Even on a cloudy Tuesday morning, Fullerton College was filled with great music and vibes as club rush took over the quad.

Fullerton College Night is coming up on April 6 at the Angel Stadium, and Associated Students not only encouraged fellow students to go out and join clubs, but to attend the third annual event as well.

Many students took the time to walk around and check out some of the clubs that were present.

For those who were lucky, Buzzy the Hornet was even around taking photos and dancing with everyone.

fc quad kickoff for angels night
The kickoff for angel's night on the quad was filled with games and clubs. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

Hot dogs and Cracker Jacks were being offered to help get into the “baseball spirit.” “Take Me to the Ball Game” was even sang by President Greg Schulz, with the help of the girl’s softball team. He even took the time to congratulate them on their most recent win.

fc quad kickoff for angels night
Veronica Perez from Sociology club welcomes anyone to join. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

The Sociology club, M.E.Ch.A, Student Affairs, and more were present. They had the opportunity to engage people on what club they are representing and all the fun activities that come with it.

“It’s really fun to interact with new people who are eager to join,” said Veronica Perez, a member of the Sociology club.

Another great opportunity that Club Rush offers is the chance for clubs to promote events that they are helping put together as well.

“A cool thing about this is you get to learn something new. Like something people don’t know is that the Sociology club is like a ‘service club.’ We give back to the communities, collecting cans for the food bank and getting toothbrushes for the homeless, we do that,” said Perez.

M.E.Ch.A took the opportunity to talk about Toayaacan Danza Mexica, a fun and exciting event presented by the ethnic studies department. They encouraged all to come and enjoy this event as well to reflect on Latin culture.

“It’s cool being in a club,” said Siumier Sanchez from M.E.Ch.A. “It’s very tight-knit and family oriented. We would like more people to join because more people, more fun”.

fc quad kickoff for angels night
Fullerton College’s Girl’s softball team. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

“This gives students a great chance to join a variety of clubs, as well as promoting the game,” said FC President Greg Schulz.

Angels Night will benefit Fullerton College by having the proceeds go to the food bank and the Students of Distinction scholarship.

“Clubs actively participating are enabling students to join and being a part of something cool,” said Melissa Castaneda, a member of A.S.

fc quad kickoff for angels night
Campus clubs welcoming all to join.
Brandy Aguirre (left), Siumier Sanchez, Jonathan Coria, and Joann Lozano. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

“We encourage all to come out as a community. The event is open to everyone, even alumni,” said Castaneda.

“It’s about togetherness and all coming out to support not only the school, but for good causes as well,” said Schulz.

Towards the end of the event, the clouds went away and the sun shined bright.

fc quad kickoff for angels night
President Greg Shulz (right) and student trustee Andrew Washington Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

Tickets to the game are still available for purchase at the student center for $25. Each ticket includes the exclusive Fullerton College Angels hat and an Albert Pujols bobblehead.