Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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J’s Cuisine is the Korean-American fusion Fullerton has been waiting for

J’s Korean Cuisine Chicken and Bibimbap is a restaurant that offers great food with Korean infused flavors that give it a unique twist.

With previous experience as an airplane pilot, James Ko had the opportunity to travel the world and enjoy culture.

“I’ve been all over the place, Dubai even,” said James. “I’ve gotten to see many things and even made a list of great food.”

J’s Cuisine Korean chicken wing platter. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

Ko always dreamed of one day opening up his very own restaurant. He was encouraged and motivated by his wife to do so. Eventually, he decided it was time for his dream to come true.

In order to run a successful business, Ko wanted to work with someone he trusts and can rely on, so his brother Jason joined him.

“We served in the military in Korea together. Jason has experience management experience in the hotel and food industry. I knew he was right for the job,” said Jason.


With no experience or knowledge in starting a business, this was a risk they were willing to take.

“We started fresh. It wasn’t easy,” said Jason. “But we were open to opinions. If something wasn’t good, we’d fix it.”

Located on Commonwealth and Harbor, J’s Cuisine sits behind JP23.

J’s Cuisine located on Commonwealth and Harbor in Fullerton. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

James chose Fullerton because it was “the perfect place” for him.

J’s Cuisine is named after James, Jason and Jessica, their sister. The three siblings work together to help maintain the restaurant.

They are not like any ordinary Korean restaurant. They infuse foods that Americans are familiar with and add a Korean twist to it.

J’s Super Fries and Kimchi Fries Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

“Most Korean restaurants are too traditional. We’re more young and fresh compared to others,” said James.

Their menu offerings range from the Bibimbap Burrito, J’s Kimchi Super Fries, K-Pop Bulgogi Tacos, and more.

“The bibimbap is a traditionally Korean dish that has actually been around for a long time – hundreds of years,” said Jason. “Ours has a more Americanized taste to it, but I think it tastes better.”

J’s Cuisine’s popular Bibimbap Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

In an effort to meet everyone’s dietary standards, they also offer tofu substition for those who don’t eat meat.

Most of their food offerings are topped with J’s sauce. It’s made fresh with all orders and has secret ingredients that bring out the flavor.


“If you’re a fan of the Korean treat, Jason is “the master of soju,” said James.

“Anything you want with soju, you name it, I got you,” said Jason.

On March 17 they celebrated their one year anniversary, and James and Jason reflected on their journey of running J’s Cuisine.

Taco Tuesday offered at J’s Cuisine Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

“We really appreciate our guests, community, local bars, everyone,” said Jason. “They showed love and respect to the restaurant and we can’t thank them enough.”

“The community has always been there for us, we would like to be there for them,” said James.


For those who serve or have served the community, J’s Cuisine offers a 15 percent discount. Those who qualify are first responders, veterans, police officers, politicians and more.

J’s Cuisine also offers a ten percent discount for all Fullerton College students with identification on all menu items but alcoholic drinks.

J's Cuisine
James (left) the owner and Jason (right) manager of J’s Cuisine. Photo credit: Alejandra Malagon

“J’s Cuisine is not a business. It’s a great neighbor. It’s a friend. It’s family,” said Jason. “Anyone that you want to go to for help, advice, or comfort. We’re here.

“We are not perfect, but from our imperfections, we can always pursue perfection.”