The Fullerton Market features fresh food and fun in Downtown Fullerton

Anthony Robles

Every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. now until Oct. 25, the Downtown Plaza on Wilshire Avenue transforms into the annual Fullerton Market, a lively event full of local vendors, hot food, family activities, and even a beer and wine garden.

The Fullerton Museum Center is also available to tour for those who want to see the award winning exhibits. This is all included with no admission fee. Parking is also free in any of the downtown lots and structures at Wilshire, Lemon Street and Chapman Avenue.

Jules Vault
Fresh flowers and fruits weren't the only goods for sale at the Fullerton Farmers Market. Local vendors such as Jules Vault were able to sell their wares as well. Photo credit: Madalyn Amato

Many of the vendors are local to Fullerton, which gives businesses the opportunity to branch out and give locals a taste of what they are selling.

“We’ve done a lot of other events but this is our first time at this market,” said Grace Lin of Dolce Monachelli’s bakery. “We are a gourmet desserts company, we do bundt cakes that are incredibly moist and flavorful.”

Dolce Monachelli’s has dozens of flavored cakes including Pineapple Upside Down, Chocolate Whiskey and even Italian Butter Rum.

Leafy Greens
Vendors sold everything from artisanal hummus to fresh vegetables at the Fullerton Farmer's Market Thursday night. Photo credit: Madalyn Amato

The Fullerton Market also has vendors who cater to those with special diets by including vegan options. These all inclusive options are for those who are vegan or simply want to try something new.

Eat. Love. Yoga is a Vegan Bakery based in Corona, CA that will feature their vegan treats throughout the entire run time of the Fullerton Market.

“Our products are organic and not genetically modified,” said Lynn Torres, owner of Eat. Love. Yoga. “We’re all about trying to change the way that people eat and making them aware of vegan options and changing their perspective.”

Fresh produce being sold at the Fullerton Market. Photo credit: Anthony Robles

Eat. Love. Yoga. displays many of their vegan cookies including chocolate macadamia nut and also brownies.

While the Fullerton Market boasts an array of foods and beverages, there are also vendors selling products such as homemade jewelry and skin care products.

Sinyoung Park Cohan is the CEO for Lémore Beauty, selling organic skin care products that are also vegan and cruelty free.

“I think a lot of people who come to farmers markets are more aware of wanting to change their diet to be more healthy and that’s why we take that approach with our skin care,” said Cohan.

Selling products from facial serums to matcha clay masks, Lémore Beauty stands out in the Fullerton Market.

Lémore Beauty
Sinyoung Park Cohan selling her line of skin care products at the Fullerton Market. Photo credit: Anthony Robles

The live entertainment starts every Thursday at 6 until 8:30 p.m. The band lineup for the duration of the festival includes genres ranging from blues, rockabilly, classical, reggae and soul.

Artists in the lineup include The Artists, Upstream, Smoking Cobras and Soundbytes.

The City of Fullerton invites residents to come enjoy the locally grown foods and live entertainment at the Fullerton Market. This event gives Fullerton residents a better appreciation of their city as well as the opportunity to connect with local people while also having a good time.